Birthday Wish List....

June 20, 2013

birthday wish list
In case anyone was wondering.....

1. Michael Kors Tote. You can't go wrong with MK. And I need a new go-to black purse. 

2. Custom Recipe by articipe. This is a fantastic gift idea for anyone! I would love one made with my mom's chocolate chip cookie recipe. 

3. Kendra Scott Earrings. I've been crushing on these earrings for at least a year now. They are beautiful...and green is my favorite color!

4. Stemless wine glasses from Crate and Barrel. These have been on my wish list for awhile now. I always break the stems of our wine glasses so these would be perfect for they are really pretty!

5. Michael Kors Runway Chronograph watch. Again, you can't go wrong with MK. This one is simple and will go with everything. 

6. New Canon DSLR. My Nikon has served me well, but it's time to move on to bigger and better things. I have a feeling I'll be seeing this guy soon....

7. Target gift card. Needs no explanation. It is by far my favorite place to shop.

8. Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flat. I've been wanting these for forever...I might have to buy them as a gift to myself!

9. Ikea Shoe Cabinet. No birthday is complete without an Ikea shopping trip! Check me out (super pregnant) last year here

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18 Responses to “Birthday Wish List....”

  1. Love your list, many of these are some of my favorites. We love our Ikea shoe cabinet. Hope you get EVERYTHING on your list!

  2. Loving that tote, and the recipe idea is very neat!

  3. Those Kendra Scott earrings would be PERFECT on you! I love the custom recipe print idea too! Great for kitchen art. I hope you get all you've wished for!

  4. This is a GREAT list! :)

  5. Love my TB flats... so comfy and go with everything!

  6. I have the Canon Rebel T4i and I LOVE it. Best birthday present I've ever received!!

  7. I think stemless wine glasses are prettier anyways! I want some even though I don't drink wine haha

  8. Love stemless wine glasses! Those earrings are such a pretty color, love them! Hope you get all the fun goodies for your special day!

  9. i have been looking at the ikea shoe cabinet! you can never have enough shoe storage.

  10. How gorgeous would those KS earrings be with your red hair?!?! Love. And you need the TB flats. They go with everything and are super comfy. And those stemless wineglasses are great. I've had them for a few years and no casualties yet! I break our stemmed ones pretty often. :)

  11. I agree with everyone else--the KS earrings are SO you!!! :)

  12. You post this list AFTER I finished my 30th birthday smulie fun shopping?! Sadly my package to you won't include any of these super fun things... I hope your mom & Jon are reading this post ;)

  13. I can vouch that both the Kendra Scott and the Camera are THE BEST PURCHASES I HAVE EVER MADE. EVER.

    happy early birthday (cause it never is too early to say Happy BIRTHDAY!!!)

  14. Great list! Love the camera! You're going to get so much use out of that. I have a Canon and love it. The Revas and those earrings are a MUST.

  15. I have two pair of the Danielle earrings and love them (although one pair -- the Tiger's Eye -- are really heavy). I'm totally checking out that recipe print now. What a great find!

  16. All of those are winners! If you want to donate your old DLSR when you get it to your favorite RA, that'd be fine. Just wanted to let you know that you have options! :)


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