5 on Friday

June 28, 2013

It's FINALLY Friday! That means I'm linking up with A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, Hello! Happiness, and The Good Life Blog for 5 on Friday. Go check them out!

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{one} I'm so excited for 4th of July! I'm a little behind at my decorating lately (blame it on a busy almost 10 month old boy) but luckily Andrea from Aidie's Hideaway sent me the cutest star garland! If you follow her on instagram (aidieshideaway) she has amazing flash sales and specials!

 photo DSC_1534.jpg
I'm sort of obsessed with it!

{two} I got this dress the other day to wear to a wedding this weekend. It's my first high-low dress and although I was nervous about it at first, it's super cute on!

{three} I really want to see The Heat. Sandra Bullock AND Melissa McCarthy? Yes please!

{four} I don't often talk about my political or personal beliefs on this blog. But I love this blog post: I Love Gay People and I Love Christians, I Choose All:

"...care for the poor and sick and lonely and hungry and imprisoned and widowed and orphaned and recently immigrated. Maybe we should all be required to pick an issue that requires US to change  and not OTHERS to change. I think that’d be good"

Trust me...it's worth the read.

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{five} Hudson thinks he's a puppy and carries his blocks around in his mouth. I am in love with this boy.

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21 Responses to “5 on Friday”

  1. My son carries things in his mouth too! Ha! That dress is super cute! I haven't been brave enough to buy a high low dress yet...

  2. Love the chalkboard! Am wanting to do something for the 4th on mine also. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I really want to see that movie too. I'm sure it's going to be hilarious!!!! I love that H problem solved how to carry his toys when his hands are busy. :) Smart boy!

  4. Swooning over that dress... And garland. And how cute Hudson is!

  5. New to your blog! What a cute little guy. He looks like he's having fun though :)

    I Pink i Love You

  6. I swear that lil guy is obsessed with his green tractor! He is ALLL BOY.

    Happy Friday!

  7. Love that dress. I have felt stars at home and may be making some garland now, thanks for the inspiration! Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Ahhhhhh... your chalkboard!! Can you come over and bedazzle mine?! It looks so cute! :)

    And I really want to see that movie, too. A date night needs to happen soon.

    Lastly, Hudson could not be any cuter! Gahhh! Such a little man!

  9. Love LOVE the link you posted (I Love Gay people and Christians), and I am dyyyyying to see The Heat. DYING.

  10. The garland is super cute! Hudson is SO funny! & I'm with you, I want to see The Heat also! Hoping to see it next week! Have a great weekend!!

  11. Hudson is so cute! I am ready for the 4th (and the day off!) Have fun at the wedding this weekend.

  12. Hudson is just taking after his big brother, Wrigley! Both are so cute. I'm loving the garland- a perfect thing to decorate with for the 4th. Have a great time next week at the lake!

  13. That sweet baby melts me!! Loving that garland, I bought some cute garland from Pottery Barn and I am excited to deck out or cabin we go to for every 4th!

  14. That dress is going to look awesome on you! I have one that has a similar bustier-type top and they are so flattering!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Sandra Bullock, holy moly girl looks amazing. Wow.

    And that star garland is so sweet...kinda makes me wish I'd paid more attention in home ec. on the sewing machine.

  17. i love that link you posted.

  18. I love that dress... I think I am going to try to track it down after work... or I may leave work early to find it. And I think I am going to see The Heat this weekend with my mom!!

  19. That last picture…I love it! He just doesn't have enough hands! ;)

  20. I say "yes!" to your whole list! ;)

    PS...wish i could wear a dress like that but after nursing three babies I need a little more support:( But I can't wait to see a pic of you in that dress!

  21. LOVE that target hi lo dress!!! Tried it on and almost cried when it was too long in the back for me! Glad someone is getting to wear it!


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