5 on Friday

June 7, 2013

Today I'm linking up with some of my favorite bloggers (a. liz adventures, carolina charm, hello! happiness, and the good life blog) for 5 on Friday and sharing five of my favorites from the week!

{one}You all were too sweet to me in this post. I realize that you can't really see my post-baby body well in the photo....it totally makes me look skinnier than I am. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled with my progress so far...but I have some toning to do. Part of the reason I may look skinnier than normal is because I'm wearing the pants I now refer to as my "miracle-make-you-skinny-never-want-to-take-them-off" pants. They are the Really Skinny pant from Gap....and unfortunately they are sold out right now. Anyone who has just had a baby should own these pants. I think I wear them at least two times a week to work. When Melissa recommended them I knew they'd be good. Seriously. I'm going to keep my eye out on Gap's website because I NEED more of these pants!
{two}Oh my word. Talenti gelato in sea salt caramel is nothing short of amazing. I picked a container up earlier in the week and it was gone two days later. I couldn't stop. Seriously so good I'm going to need more skinny pants if I keep eating this stuff. .

{three}Parsley Plus is my new go-to cleaner. As soon as Christina blogged about it I bought 6 bottles! It smells amazing and does a great job keeping my kitchen clean. Love love love this stuff! What would I do without other bloggers telling me what to buy?
{four}These wire baskets from Crate and Barrel are amazing. I ordered two of them a few weeks ago and now I'm kicking myself for not getting more. They are perfect for corralling baby items. I could use at least one in every room of my house. 

{five}I heart my sponsors. I've been able to meet some of the sweetest bloggers and shop owners. It has been so amazing! Sponsorship is a great way to draw more traffic to your blog or shop....I highly recommend it! I still have sponsor spots available including a new option for an in-post ad! Check out the options here

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17 Responses to “5 on Friday”

  1. The Parsley Plus ROCKS. We are on our third bottle.

    I think I am the last person to try Talenti. I'm afraid I'll get addicted if I try it. ha.

    Happy weekend, friend! xo

  2. Talenti is my favorite thing EVER. And the Carmel with those delicious little chocolate Carmel's... Lets just say I can eat the whole container!

  3. Just tried the Sea Salt Caramel for the first time this week. It was fabulous AND those chocolate caramel surprises swirled inside were quite yum.

  4. I need to try that gelato asap. I'll take anything with salted caramel!

  5. Ive got to try some of these out :) Thanks for sharing love!

  6. I need those pants in my life! And that gelato is seriously amazing!!! XO

  7. Well, now i need to buy everything you just mentioned! ;) haha! happy weekend!

  8. LOVE THOSE PANTS. Every time I wear them, someone tells me I look thin. They're truly magical pants.

    I need to try this cleaner. I can't for the life of me understand what's so compelling about a parsley spray but I've heard enough good things that I know it must be great!

    You and Hudson are too cute in that last picture. He is such a handsome boy! And growing up so fast.

  9. I love those Crate and Barrel bins! The small one is the perfect size for Martha Stewart everyday food magazine so I corral all my little recipe books in one and put it on top of the fridge. I'm also a HUGE fan of the skinny jeans!

  10. OMG. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those GAP pants! I actually got a maternity pair, and they're just as amazing!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  11. I think I need to try the kitchen spray. I agree, what would we do without all the awesome rec.'s from our fav. bloggers. Now I have 3 new ones to add to my list! Thanks! Happy Weekend, Friend!

  12. You are too gorgeous!!! I saw you on the Friday link up ;)


  13. I've never even had a baby and I love those pants! Definitely going to get a pair!


  14. That Sea Salt Carmel Telenti sounds amazing. I am definitely going to have to try it. I am also going to have to try that cleaner. Have a great weekend.

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  16. I've been seeing so many pictures on insta of that gelato... I really need to buy some and give it a try! (I don't think mine will make it even 2 days, ha ha!)

  17. I totally agree about Parsley Plus ... I was so intrigued after hearing Christina rave about it, and we love using it on our kitchen countertops!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)


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