Help! My living room needs a face-lift!

May 7, 2013

Lately I've had the itch to redecorate our living room. It needs some more life and color.....I can't find a recent photo, but this is pretty much what it looks like now, with a few tweaks here and there....

Oh, and it also has a crawling baby, dog, two cats, and a ton of baby toys.....

 photo DSC_0534.jpg
So it needs to be baby proof, functional, fun, yet stylish.  

Below are two of my inspiration pins. I think I can get away with shopping my house for most of these items and maybe getting my mom make some new pillows for us. A few pops of color will completely transform the room! What do you think?

P.S....I hate the new pinterest format for embedding! How do I make these bigger? You can find me on Pinterest here.

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18 Responses to “Help! My living room needs a face-lift!”

  1. Definitely some pops of color will make that already beautiful living room fabulous!

    Random question... are those covers a cream/linen color? I need to get some for the game room couch/love seat.

  2. love the pops of color!! i swear little things always majorly transform a room!!

  3. Easiest updates would be some patterned curtains and throw pillows. Easy way to add some color without breaking out the paintbrush

  4. Some color is a great idea and some bright throw pillows. Love the pin ideas.

  5. I LOVE the pops of yellow! So cheery and happy! :) I think you can change the size of the pins when you create the link...under advanced options.

  6. I love your clean white feel of your living room. Very open and airy feel! But definitely understand wanting to change it up. I would definitely suggest new colorful throw pillows and maybe an area rug!

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  8. Oooh, how fun - I love room makeovers! I bet a large, patterned area rug would make a huge impact. RugsUSA often has lots of great sales going on and I've seen some cute geometric print ones on blogs!

    Hit up Homegoods, TJ Maxx or Marshalls for great pillows!

  9. I would add pops of colour with some new pillows, new curtains, an area rug under the coffee table and a new lamp shade. It would be an inexpensive way of transforming the room completely!

  10. I honestly love the basics you have going on.... it's a good start (you're WAY ahead of me!)

    good luck girl :)

  11. I love your Living Room as is, but I understand the need to change things up.

    Both pins are great but I like the pops of color one a little more!

  12. Be brave and paint that coffee table!!

    I'd second some of the previous comments and say add an area rug - my living room didn't have one and I got one handed down from my mother in's not brand new, but BOY does it really change up the room and anchor everything together!

    Had you thought about using some beadboard in the living room to create a chair rail effect? You could add a little ledge to the top of the beadboard to create the shelf effect like in your first pinned inspiration pic. And the beadboard would tie in with your kitchen! :)

  13. I love the idea of adding in some color! Even just throw pillows on the couches would liven it up! :)

  14. Fun! Pops of color and a bit more texture/pattern. I love rooms that are full of both, but in my own home, I tend to gravitate to small proportions of color and pattern, like in pillows or curtains. Good luck, and keep us posted!

  15. Hi!! I'm a new follower and a fellow new mommy :) love your blog- great job with it! Hope you'll drop by and read about my new SAHM life to a 6month old baby girl.

    All the best,

    Christina @The McGuire Family

  16. A colorful, vintage chair would be cool, or I would definitely make fun pillows! I love decorating!

  17. I agree with most of the comments above, but maybe consider adding some bamboo blinds for depth on the windows and raising up the curtain rods to be in line with the top of the window molding? New pillow and maybe a few new lamps and a patterned throw over the chair - will look totally refreshed. Make sure to show us the finished pictures!

  18. Its funny you posted this, I was thinking the same thing for my house. Now that Noah is crawling around I'd like to change some things around. I love the paint you have I wouldnt change that, but I feel like you could use some more pops of color ... maybe in some of the pillows like a fun mustard yellow, and some darker end tables and coffee table to compliment your dark frames and curtain rods. First thing I did was order a new ottoman/storage from amazon. So nice, no corners, its leather and really great! Only $150! We also have a dog and two cats ... I feel bad for our pets when our little guys get a hold of them! hahahaha!!!


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