Living Room Updates

May 16, 2013

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Last week I asked for your help with my living room....thanks for all of your great ideas! The rooms needs a major face lift in the form of pops of color. You can see the before here. Over the weekend I had made a few little changes, moved some furniture, and got new curtains!

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The curtains are these from Target's Threshold line in navy. I'm thinking of adding pops of yellow, so I brought down two yellow pillows from my guest room to see if I liked the look. What do you think?

 photo DSC_1177.jpgI also moved our side table from the left of the couch to the right in an attempt to baby proof and hide our laptop charger cord. Hudson has already pulled all of the picture frames out of the table, so that needs to be changed asap. I also want to pant the table...maybe yellow? Grey? Navy? Thoughts? And probably either paint the lamp or buy a new one too (Kichler lighting has some cool options to consider).

This weekend I'm going to try and update the gallery wall behind the couch to add more color! 

 photo DSC_1183.jpgAnd in case you were wondering, here's the other, more chaotic, side of the room, thanks to Hudson and all his toys! The coffee table needs to be painted too...but what color?

 photo DSC_1190.jpgThis little munchkin is slowing down my progress in that room big time....good thing he's cute (and that spatulas entertain him for a few minutes!)

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15 Responses to “Living Room Updates”

  1. Waverly loves spatulas too! Love your progress and those curtains! :)

  2. I love the updates!!!
    That side table would look awesome painted navy!!!
    and that baby he makes everything a little cuter!

  3. I love the colors!! :) I think navy on the wood pieces would be amazing!!

  4. I definitely agree with Carolyn that a navy would look really pretty on of the wood pieces!

  5. Navy all the way!!! I still think it's really cute the way it is :)

  6. It looks great! I also agree with the navy.

  7. I love the pops of yellow! Having a boy at home, I would not do a dark color on your coffee table, it will show every scratch and Easton LOVES to race his cars on ours, so it has a lot of scratches!

    Hudson is a cutie!!

  8. I absolutely love it! The yellow pillows are so cute! And the curtains are a great touch of color too. Painting your coffee table is a FAB idea! I say go for a Navy or a grey it matches more with everything and if you paint it a yellow or another color and then decide to change your pillows (which I do often) if it doesn't match your having to paint it again. :)

  9. Looks really good so far! I think the tables would look great in a dark navy and the lamp would really pop in yellow!

  10. I'm pretty sure I have the same coffee table, I painted mine apple green but yours would look amazing painted like a deep turquoise!

  11. Love the new curtains. I have been impressed with the Threshold line at Tar-jay! I'm boring and would probably do a gray of some sort on the coffee table. I found an upholstered coffee table yesterday from Wisteria that I am dying to have, if only it wasn't $899?! Spatula fun is the greatest!!

  12. hudson's toys are the pop of color in the living room!! i love those curtains and how with your dog do you keep those couches so clean?

  13. It looks great! I love the curtains and the yellow pillows!

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  15. I think I missed it, but what kind of high chair-type-thing is that? It's genius and I may just need one!


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