Happy 8 Months Hudson

May 6, 2013

Yesterday Hudson turned eight months old! On one hand, I can't imagine our life before him...but on the other I can't believe he is SO old! Wasn't he just a newborn yesterday? He'll be one year old before I know it.
 photo 8months.jpg
Height and Weight: According to my measurements Hudson weighs 21 pounds and is 27 and a half inches tall. Big boy! We go to the doctor next month for official stats.

 photo DSC_0905.jpg
(personalized blanket by Little Hip Squeaks)
Health: Other than the minor cold that all the kids at daycare have, Hudson has been pretty healthy!

 photo DSC_0661.jpg
Sleep: Oh boy. Sleep has been all over the place lately. But napping in the crib has improved big time! When we are home Hudson usually naps twice a day for 45 minutes to 2 hours. It doesn't always happen but we are working on it. Naps at daycare still stink but are usually 30-45 minutes twice a day. 

Hudson is still waking up once or twice at night to eat/comfort nurse. So basically I'm exhausted all the time. I try to remind myself that one day I'll miss this...

 photo DSC_1016.jpg
Diet: Hudson still LOVES peas more than any other food. A close second is homemade applesauce. He prefers veggies over fruit and usually loves any food that is green. He doesn't care too much for beets...we learned that last night! And still breastfeeding like a champ!

 photo DSC_0990.jpg
Clothes: 9 month clothing and 9 month or 12 month pajamas. Still wearing size 3 diapers. It's hard to get a good photo of him these days because he is always moving!

 photo DSC_0988.jpg
 photo DSC_0954.jpg
Baby Gear Love: Hudson is a busy boy and loves his toys! He loves blocks, books, mommy's spatulas, and anything that squeaks. We just got him this Bug Jug and he loves it! He is also obsessed with Wrigley's toys and makes a beeline for them if Wrigley leaves them unattended. 

 photo DSC_0946.jpg
Crying: This boy sure knows how to have a crying tantrum! He usually only cries when he's hungry, tired, or has hurt himself (we've had lots of little bumps lately!). But Hudson also gets upset if heaven forbid his mommy walks out of the room. His little cries for me just break my heart!

 photo DSC_0799.jpg
 photo DSC_0968.jpg
Likes: playing with toys, opening and closing things, playing with and chewing on the strings on my sweatshirt, going for walks in his stroller, tearing apart magazines, banging blocks together, pulling Wrigley's tail, clapping his hands, watching cars go by, and playing in Wrigley's water bowl!

 photo DSC_0864.jpg
Postpartum: Can someone please tell me how my pre-pregnancy pants are all too big but my weight has stayed the same? Also, my skin hates me and is super sensitive to everything. Now that Hudson is already 8 months old I better get my booty in gear and loose these last few pounds.

 photo DSC_0833.jpg
Social: Hudson loves smiling and clapping his hands. He has to have whatever mommy or daddy have in their hands and he gets MAD if you tell him no! We have started baby proofing our house because Hudson is in to everything. 

 photo DSC_0818.jpg
Milestones: Crawling! He is so proud of himself and loves his new found independence. If I walk out of the room he loves to crawl around to find me. We also think he is cutting a tooth (and hopefully that's the reason he's been a little cranky lately!) Hudson can also pull himself up from lying down to sitting and can clap his hands. 

We just love our little guy!

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25 Responses to “Happy 8 Months Hudson”

  1. Ashlynn preferred all the green veggies to everything else too! And he is a big boy!! However, my girlie is a midget (like her momma)! Love the blanket and don't worry about those pounds, you look great!

  2. I think the weight staying on is all due to breastfeeding. I heard that milk supply adds 3 lbs. I was the same weight for 8 weeks but dropped 2 sizes in those weeks. Makes no sense! I'm also 2 lbs lighter in the evening than in the morning. I can't believe H is so big. Can we slow time down? Just for a bit!!

  3. OMG! Dying over all the adorable little boy cuteness. I have no idea how it's possible that he's 8 months old already!! CRAZY!

  4. He is soo cute! I feel like everything changes when they're on the move!! And I want my pre-preggers pants to be too big! I feel like that's way more important than whatever the scale says!

  5. happy 8 months!! i cant believe it!

  6. Oh my god I have the same problem with pants! I'm 5 months PP and still exclusively breast feeding. My weight is the same but where has my butt gone? So sad!

  7. They grow too fast! He is so handsome!

  8. Your little boy is just the cutest thing! I love that red hair!!

  9. Goodness, if he isn't just the cutest thing!!! Love the LHS blanket and those chunky thighs :)

  10. Happy 8 months Hudson!
    Julie you don't need to worry about your weight....you really do look skinny. Love to all

  11. I love the updates. They always make me nostaglic for when Mac was going through that stage and excited for you to experience what we're doing now. The clapping is the best! We also went through the crying/tantrum/drama when I walked out of the room. I think there was a good 3 week period where I never put him down when I was home without him crying. MY ARMS ARE SO STRONG. :) And sleep still sucks over here, so if you find the magic cure, please let me know!

  12. It's seriously crazy that he's 8 months old already, and I'm just a blog reader! Can't imagine how you feel! :) He is SO CUTE, and I'm loving his hair coming in!!

  13. I was nodding in agreement to almost everything in this post. Charlie loves playing with sweatshirt strings, is suddenly fascinated with the dog, started throwing tantrums, and having a hard time with naps! And I completely hear you on the postpartum weight/body. Ugh. :)

  14. Where did that little newborn baby go? He's getting so big. Great pics!

  15. He just keeps getting sweeter!

  16. The photos only get harder to take but come with so much more fun it's totally worth it! Love seeing that smiling face! :)

    Ok seriously where do you buy his clothes that he's wearing 9mo clothes?! Callie weighs about the same (although a bit taller) but is almost all 18mo clothes!

  17. AnonymousMay 06, 2013

    Julie! I love your blog, especially this breastfeeding series. It has been very encouraging to hear other mothers' stories. I have a son who is now 7 months old, so our babies are very close in age! I noticed in one of your pics your crib hasn't been lowered. Our son started climbing up on things recently, so we lowered the crib after hearing other parents talk about their children falling out and getting hurt. Please don't see this as me looking for something to criticize- you have been so helpful to me as a new mommy, and I look to your blog for advice very often. I appreciate you taking the time to blog!

  18. What a great room! I'm with everyone else on changing out the pillows and curtains. Maybe add a bright colored throw, paint the coffee table, and switch out some of the artwork.

  19. I love his never-ending tongue sticking out. it's adorable.

  20. happy eight months to your beautiful baby!!


  21. My experience: lost inches soooo quickly while breast feeding, but as that tapers off you're inches could creep back. I think I ate like crazy at first because I was starving so maybe it was my fault for creatin a bad eating habit that I couldn't keep up.

  22. Precious boy, just as cute as ever! The picture with his tongue out, kills me!! And don't worry.. O was not a great sleeper either, and since his first birthday or right around then he finally started sleeping through the night! I probably just jinxed myself but we are going on week 2 of 11-12 hours solid, which is huge for us!! PS-You look great!

  23. He has such the personality! You can really see it in all his photos. Such a sweet boy. I hope you get sleep soon, it's no fun not sleeping. I don't know how you do all you do!

  24. Oh my! He makes the cutest faces!

  25. Happy 8 months! He is a big, healthy boy!!!


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