Happy 7 Months Hudson!

April 8, 2013

Sorry this post is so late.....I came down with some sort of stomach bug this morning! Can't catch a break around here.

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Height and Weight: According to my measurements Hudson weighs 20 pounds and is 27 inches tall. (Chalkboard digital sticker from Little Baby Garvin)

Health: Hudson had his first eye infection (which he passed along to me, of course) but he was better 24 hours later.
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Sleep: He's usually up once at night and goes back down pretty easily. Except sometimes he doesn't...little stinker! I was SO sick last week that I slept in the guest room while my husband slept in our room with the baby monitor. Hudson chose those nights to sleep through the night! And then of course once I took the monitor back he started waking up again. And he's still a champion nap fighter! We are working on napping in the crib...sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Tell me moms: When does napping get better?

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Diet: Breastmilk for all meals except dinner. Hudson usually eats two veggies each night. So far he likes squash and sweet potatoes and LOVES peas. He doesn't really care for fruit and makes a sour face whenever we give it to him! We've been making his baby food and so far it's been pretty easy. I'll post about our process soon.

Clothes: 9 month clothing and pjs and size 3 diapers. 

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Baby Gear Love: One word to describe Hudson is busy! He loves all his toys, Scout the puppy, toy balls, puzzels, and bascially anything we have in our hands. He still loves his jumperoo and lately loves playing with his leapfrog table toy (I took the legs off) that I picked up at a church sale for $5!

 photo DSC_0990.jpg
Crying: Hudson only cries when he is super tired or hungry. Or when you don't let him have something you are holding.

 photo DSC_0205-1.jpg
Likes: He likes to watch us dance and sing to him and loves it when we clap our hands.

 photo 27-30weeks.jpg
Postpartum: Other than being sicker than I have ever been in my life (horrible cold, sore throat, coughing, double eye infection) last week I'm feeling pretty much like myself. The hair loss has finally started to slow down!

 photo DSC_0482.jpg
Social: Hudson was moved up a level at daycare and is now playing with babies that can crawl! It has inspired him to try and move too....we are SO not ready for that! I can't put him down on our bed anymore and expect him to stay put...so sad! But it is pretty cute to see that little booty try and crawl.

 photo DSC_0534.jpg
Milestones: Hudson can sit up on his own and has started to roll from his back to his tummy. Hand-eye coordination has improved and he has started to get upset if he doesn't get his way. In no time he'll be crawling, I'm sure!

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Time is moving too fast!

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22 Responses to “Happy 7 Months Hudson!”

  1. I have a 6 month old son and love reading your updates to see what's in store for us soon! We are making our own baby food too (so easy, love it!), and we also have trouble with naps...

    I've been wondering when the ridiculous hair loss will end! I hope it's soon for me too! :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. He's starting to look more and more like you!

    I picked up the same Leapfrog table for $5 as well! I had no idea the legs came off though..oops!

    Hope you're feeling 100% soon - being sick with a baby is terrible!

  3. Happy seven months sweet Hudson!

  4. I'm sorry you are sick again!! Poor thing. I hope Hudson is extra good to you and sleeps through the night this week.

  5. Boo being sick, I hope you are on the mend!! Again cutest little crawling red head around!!

  6. Oh my goodness! He is such a DOLL! And what a little mover! I love your pictures of him. They are so capturing of in the moment. I feel like I could see him doing all those things!

  7. Hope you feel better soon! He is seriously on the happiest babies I have every seen! (And one of the cutest! :)

  8. As always super cute pictures! He just always looks so happy! I switched Callie to only sleeping in her crib around 3mo. It wasn't easy but was well worth it! I'm not a sleep expert but I'm pretty obsessed with it so I've read a lot. If you email me I'd be happy to send you some Hudson specific suggestions. Every baby is so different I find it really hard to give generic advise (it usually doesn't help anyway!.

    Feel better soon!!

  9. He is just adorable!! Totally feel your pain on the sick thing ... I was sick a couple of months ago and quickly realized that moms aren't allowed to be sick!! Feel better, soon!


  10. such a cutie! Sucks that you are so sick, no rest for the weary! Feel better soon!

  11. He is precious!!

    Feel better.

  12. Sorry you've been so sick! I hear you, we've been so sick around here, too. What a brutal season!

    Hang in there as far as napping goes. Ethan was a horrible napper from birth. He was down to one nap a day by 6 months and dropped naps altogether (they were few and far between before) at 16 months. At 21 months, we just moved him to a toddler bed and the craziest thing happened: HE NAPS AGAIN. Two hours, every afternoon. And he sleeps through the night -- something he's NEVER done in his crib, not more than five times...literally. It's bizarre. Eventually you'll find a sleep scenario that works for you and sweet Hudson!

  13. I hope you can catch a break and start feeling better soon. Hudson is going to be crawling before you know it and friend, there is no going back. I feel like all I do is chase Avery around these days. I have no help for you on naps, Avery will take a 30 minute nap once a day and a 45 minute or an hour nap for the other. That is all we get. It's hard to get her down in her crib because she tries to stand and play all the time. So, I put her to sleep in her swing for one nap a day so that she can get a little bit of sleep. Oh the joys!

  14. i just love hudson, he's the cutest little boy!

  15. Hudson is so cute and getting so big!! So sorry to hear you aren't feeling better!! Hopefully you recover soon!!!

  16. HE is so adorable!!!! I just wanna squeeze him! :)

  17. He's getting too big too quickly! I can't believe he will be crawling soon.

  18. He is growing up way too fast! Such a cutie!! :)

  19. Cutie!! Hope you are feeling better girl!

  20. He is just SOOO cute!! Napping for us became easier after a year. And we had success with crib napping after 1 year too. It was in the swing for every nap before that. Jack is 16 months and we are at 1 nap a day. 1-2 hours right after lunch. It's a good little system we got going. When they start moving life is all over!! LOL...I can't take my eyes off my little guys for a second or else he is trying to get on the dining room table, or launch off the couch. It's amazing how they evolve to little boys way TOO quickly :( Ever since I had a baby I had the sickest year yet as well. Must be something about our immune systems and being run down maybe. I have conjunctivitis twice, colds, bronchitis, stomach bug, cold sores, yeast infections..(sorry TMI!) you name it and took over my body! I am slowly feeling a bit healthier, and my hair breakage is starting to grow in life lovely wings on the sides of my head. BUT I love my little man and these kiddos are worth all this crap we go through! Glad you are finally feeling better!!

  21. I'm waging The Nap Wars at my house right now. My little guy fights them so hard!! But at least he's a great night sleeper. Hudson is such a cutie!


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