Baby-Proof Gallery Wall

April 15, 2013

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When we first decorated Hudson's nursery gallery wall, I knew we would have to come up with a solution to secure everything to the wall in case little hands got curious and tried to pull everything down! When Hudson turned 7 months old it was finally time to do something about it. He isn't standing up yet but he probably will before I know it!

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I considered installing these picture rail hooks on the wall, but ultimately went with Command strips.

 photo DSC_0625.jpg
They were super easy to use. Just snap two strips together....

 photo DSC_0627.jpg
Stick them on the back of your frame....

 photo DSC_0628.jpg
Then stick the frame on the wall. Press the frame to the wall for 30 seconds and then rip it off. This is what you'll find in it's place. And then just snap your frame back up on the strips. Super easy! Then repeat with the rest of your frames.

 photo DSC_0700.jpg
This project only took me a few minutes, but it bought a lot of piece of mind.

 photo DSC_0629-1.jpg
Those frames are nice and secure now! See the small black line on the totally can't see it unless you really look.

 photo DSC_0653.jpg
Now if this little stinker tries to pull the frames down they won't budge! Or accidentally fall on him and injure him either.

 photo DSC_0700-1.jpg
I still need to pick up one smaller command strip to secure his bat to the wall. But check this project off my to-do list!

 photo bb473b29c3.jpg
Love that little face.

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You can see Hudson's original nursery post here.

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21 Responses to “Baby-Proof Gallery Wall”

  1. I LOVE that gallery wall. The red and navy looks great. Your little muffin is adorable!

  2. great idea with those photos! No idea how I didn't realize this before but we have that exact same crib! LOVE it!!

  3. I love those strips! We did the same thing with the photos above Kenley's crib!

  4. I used the same velcro strips to hang A's frames over her changing table in the last house. (She now gets changed on the floor since she rolls and crawls away halfway through!) They really were a great solution!

    Also, once you lower the crib he'll be less likely to grab them too. I had to do when she started swatting at the monitor haha

  5. LOVing the red white and blue theme1 so cute. I love that you styled him to match :) Happy Monday

  6. His nursery is just too precious! I also used those command strips for our gallery wall and I LOVE them!!!

  7. Such a smart idea! & as always, Hudson is sooo adorable!

  8. I love Command strips! So much faster and easier than a hammer and nails!

  9. Great idea! We sooo need to do this over the changing table! He pulls down the frames all the time!!

  10. The gallery wall is so adorable! Perfect for when you change his nursery into a big boy room someday!

  11. That face, I can't stand it! So cute!! Love the gallery wall and so love all the similarities in O and H's nursery.. Too much cuteness! Standing makes the nursery a whole new world, glad you were able to find something to help give you piece of mind!!

  12. That's such a good idea. I need to do something with Dominick's letters on his wall. One of the keeps falling so I'll have to figure it out.

    D is 7 months as well, he stands up in his crib now so we had to lower it. I was so sad. :(

  13. hudson is so cute in his red beanie with the pompom on top, just adorable. i love the star crib sheet and the chevron material on the bottom. such a cute nursery

  14. I want to try those strips so I can change pics around on my walls.
    Love Hudson in his red hat playing in his crib. He is a living doll.

  15. I adore this! Such a great idea!

  16. My sweet little babe makes the exact same faces yours does...maybe they should be baby boyfriend girlfriend! xoxo

  17. Love the red hat but that boy rocks all the outfits he wears. :)

  18. What a great idea (and super cute wall)!! It's always the simple things that make our lives easier ;)

  19. Where did you get the chevron "H"? I would love one of those for my nursery!


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