Adventures in Baby Food Making

April 18, 2013

****Praying for everyone in West, Texas and in Boston today. Holding my family extra tight. 

My husband and I made the decision to make Hudson's baby food ourselves. It saves money, is good for baby, and is surprisingly easy! For some reason I was dreading this stage...I thought it would take so much time. I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy, simple, and convenient it is to make all of Hudson's food. So glad we decided to give it a try!

 photo photo.jpg
And, as you can see, he LOVES it!

 We have both The Baby & Toddler Cookbook and Top 100 Baby Purees. Love them both and they are super easy to use.

We also use the Baby Bullet to puree all of Hudson's food....we were gifted it by a co-worker who had a brand new one that they weren't using. It works fine but I wouldn't waste my money on one if I were pregnant. Instead I'd buy a food processor that you could use for other things. The Baby Bullet comes with a lot of accessories that just aren't practical.

 photo DSC_0947.jpg
So, here's what you do: First, buy some produce! We started with sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and apples.

 photo DSC_0950.jpg
The cookbooks will tell you how to prepare the food, but usually you either bake it in the oven or steam it. I purchased this steamer from Target for about $12. In the photo above we are steaming peeled and chopped apples.

 photo DSC_0952.jpg
Once the food is cooked, allow it to cool and then blend it up in your food processor. We started off adding breast milk to the food but quickly changed to water so that we could conserve our milk. Just add a little at a time until you get a nice and smooth consistency. This only takes a few minutes.

 photo DSC_0233.jpg
Then, pick up some ice cube trays and freeze your purees! (Side note, it was SO hard to find ice cube trays! After going crazy at Target I finally figured out they keep them with the plastic sandwich bags and NOT in the kitchen section!)

 photo DSC_0235.jpg
After your puree is frozen pop them in to a bag and store in the freezer. See...super easy!

 photo DSC_0270.jpg
So far Hudson LOVES peas and zucchini. He also likes squash and sweet potatoes and recently started liking pears. He doesn't care too much for apples and makes the funniest face whenever we offer them to him...and then he promptly spits them all back up. Crazy boy!

 photo julie1.jpg
Also, today is the last day to vote for me and my pink shoes! I'm still loosing! Click HERE to vote!

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23 Responses to “Adventures in Baby Food Making”

  1. Hudson's faces.. I die!! SO stinkin cute! And I just voted for ya cute Momma!

  2. This seems pretty easy!! And I just love his little face. Adorable! You can tell he appreciates the extra effort :)

  3. I just started making all of Charlie's food. SO easy. I think the jarred baby food industry is a scam! :)

  4. i told you it was super easy and FUN! we love going to farmers markets and finding fresh, fun stuff for lex!!

  5. where'd you get that high chair!?? love it!

  6. Hudson's food face is just so cute.
    I Hope you get lots of votes today & win the contest. Your shoes are awesome. I think I have ice cube trays if you need more.

  7. I never made Dominick's food, it seemed like too much work and I didn't think i had the time. That and we were given a whole lot of food so we didn't bother. I'm glad to know it was NOT hard and maybe for our next baby I will try it. :P Hudson is too cute in those pictures.

    p.s. Hudson was in our top 3 list of names for boys, I'm from MI moved to CA and you're vice versa and both of our boys were born in September...2 days apart! :)

  8. Love the peas pic!! Beyond adorable!

  9. were going to be making our own food too... glad its not as hard as im thinking it might be. ill have to check out those books! and of course ill vote, i LOVE pink!!

  10. I think it's so cook & great that y'all do this! & you're right, I would have thought it to be much more difficult & time consuming to make your own baby food! Glad to see it's not & maybe/hopefully when I have babes I can do the same! As always, Hudson is soooo cute! I can't help but share his pics with my fiance & get baby fever!!! HAHA!

  11. I agree! We made all of Ethan's baby food and I was sure it would be so hard and time consuming, but it really wasn't! I would devote every single Sunday night after dinner to steaming, pureeing and storing his food so it would be available during the busy week and it really wasn't that bad, and it was nice to be able to "cook for him," too. We had the Baby Bullet and I agree -- a food processor would probably be a lot less gimmick-y! I still use my little Baby Bullet to make breadcrumbs or puree some steamed cauliflower (to top Ethan's pasta -- he's none the wiser it's not "macaroni and cheese!") or something and it works okay, but I think it's slowly seeing it's last days. The only thing I hated about it was how impossible it was to puree leafy greens like spinach or kale or collard greens -- all of Ethan's favorites!

    SUCH a cute post, and I love the photos of Hudson happily enjoying his yummy food!

  12. The peas picture is priceless! Framer!

  13. Love the pics and good luck with the shoes! I voted. :)

  14. Bah that first pic of Hudson is so cute! Can I please say how obsessed I am with his high chair. I've probably told you a million times, but I am in love. We're planning on making all of Elliott's baby food too. I know my hubs is going to really love it. We'll definitely have to look into those cook books when the time comes. Does it give you a guide on which foods are best to start introducing first?

  15. I used the Beaba baby cook maker and it had a built in steamer and then you can puree it with the same device. I would definitely recommend one of those. It was much easier for me to start a batch and then keep cutting while that was steaming and just switch it to puree without using and dirtying any kitchen pots/devices.

  16. Does daycare allow you to bring in your own baby food?

  17. We're making our food too. It's so easy and not as time consuming as I thought it would be. Love the baby bullet!!!

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  19. you make it look so easy :) so glad that's working for you... and that green face is adorable!

  20. i plan on making my baby's food too, my sil did it and said it really wasn't time consuming at all. she has the book on the left and swears by it! the cubes are also easy to travel with since they can thaw while you're out.

  21. I love the idea of making your own baby food! :)

  22. I made all of my third baby's food, too. I had the same issue finding the ice cube trays in Target!


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