Thoughts from a Single Mom...with Lee la la

March 19, 2013

I'm swapping blogs today with Lindsay from Lee la la! I'm over at her blog today talking about being the no-so-perfect mom.....check it out!
What does it mean to be a single mom?
Being a single mom means being a one women show
It means setting the dinner table for two and quiet evenings alone...just the two of us.
It means holidays are split. Time is shared.
It means being open to change, new people, new experiences.
It means doing your best even when you feel like throwing in the towel.
It means disciplining even though it's your weak spot.
It means having a solid support system... my parents are my rock.
It means making decisions on your own that you hope support the best interest of your child.
It means standing on your own two feet and owning it.
I believe parenting was meant for two parents. A team of sorts that equally nurtures the needs of their child to the best of their ability. Single parenting? Definitely not what I had planned for my life.
A common theme over at my blog, is painting my role as a single mom in the most positive light possible. It's showing the world that this stereotype doesn't have to be negative. It's being able to create a life for myself so I can still be a stay at home mom to my daughter while balancing two home based businesses. It's allowing myself to have a life outside of being a mommy and rediscovering what makes me tick. It's pushing myself out of my comfort zone and realizing that Landyn and I have beautiful things that await us. It's embracing being alone and working on myself from the inside out only to have a special someone step into your life when you least expect it.
While I'm certain this season of my life is only temporary, it's been growth and I wouldn't change a minute of it.

Lindsay Roberts blogs at Leelala where she chronicles life as she knows it with an emphasis on personal style. She lives in sunny California where she lives in flip flops and oversized sunglasses.

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3 Responses to “Thoughts from a Single Mom...with Lee la la”

  1. i LOOOVE this post. and hearing a single mamas perspective. being a one-woman-show every single day is totally what strikes me the most!! and your daughter is adorable!

  2. Thanks again for having me Julie! And thank you ERIN! :)

  3. Great look! This is such a nice post!


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