Saw it, Pinned it, Did it: Valentine's Treats

February 7, 2013

Hello friends! Now that it's February, aka the month of love, I've been craving some yummy Valentine's day treats! So I'm linking up with Katie and Stephanie for Saw it, Pinned it, Did it!
 photo DSC_0292.jpg Super easy Valentine's Day rice krispie treats!

Here is the original pin.

 photo DSC_0174.jpg You'll need rice krispies, marshmallows, white chocolate chips, butter, food coloring, and cute cookie cutters. My cookie cutters are from Crate and Barrel. 

 photo DSC_0167.jpg
First, mix your ingredients. The directions are on the box of rice krispies. Tip #1: spray everything with cooking spray first. That means you'll need to spray your pan, both bowls, spoon, and your hand. Trust me, this makes everything SO much easier!

 photo DSC_0176.jpg
Tip #2: the key to gooey and perfect rice krispie treats is use slightly less rice krispies than the recipe calls for. Just under-measure a little bit.
After your rice krispies have set (an hour or so) bust out your cookie cutters!

 photo DSC_0183.jpg
I did hearts, xoxo, and some i heart u's. Adorable.

 photo DSC_0286.jpg
Then, melt your chocolate chips and dunk half of your treat in it.

 photo DSC_0288.jpg
I did half of the treats in white and the other half in pink. Then let them dry on some wax paper. 

 photo DSC_0298.jpg
I added some sprinkles to the white ones. These were SO yummy! As soon as my husband came home from work he was sad I was photographing them and he couldn't eat them right away! (don't worry, I let him have some!)

 photo DSC_0301.jpg
These make a great gift and are so easy. Hudson's daycare teachers are in for a special treat!

 photo DSC_0236.jpg
My little Valentine

 photo DSC_0292.jpg
What is your favorite Valentine's Day treat?
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32 Responses to “Saw it, Pinned it, Did it: Valentine's Treats”

  1. these are too precious! I need something cute to take to my son's daycare on V*tine's day and this may be what I end up making, thanks!

  2. oh my goodness how cute are these?!?!?! love them!!!! :)

  3. Super cute! Thanks for the tip...I made them this weekend and they didn't stick together enough.

  4. These look amazing!!! Yum!! Might ave to try them !!

  5. Those are so cute! Rice Krispie treats are my weakness!

  6. OMG that pic of Hudson is SO MUCH CUTENESS WITH THESE TREATS! I can't handle it hahaha I love it. The treats look amazing too..I love rice krispie's! such a childhood fav :)

  7. Yummy! Those not only look delicious but, they are SO cute too!

  8. They are adorable!! So is that bebe!!

  9. Those are some yummy treats but I can't get over those adorable chubby thighs! Gah! I love baby thighs, my babes has the chubbiest legs too, so cute!!

  10. The treats look amazing but I have to say nothing could be sweeter than your little valentine!

  11. these definitely make me crave marshmellow rice crispie goodness. ESPECIALLY dipped in chocolate and cut out in adorable shapes!! love them!

  12. Good idea to give them to the daycare staff. I'm sure they will eat them up! I bet Jon appreciated them too. :) Hudson gets to have some next year. :)

  13. I almost skipped over this post because I am doing a detox and they look SO TEMPTING, but when I saw that you are giving them as gifts, I had to read one! These are such a great idea for gifts!! Thanks :)

  14. OMG - this is adorable! I'm definitely going to do this for valentines day! I made sugar cookies last year, but Rice Krispy treats are my fave!! Can't wait to make these! New Follower :)


  15. totally need to make these. they look easy and delicious - both requirements of mine for baking. YUMMMMY!

  16. Oh my gosh these are so darn cute!

  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE! :)

    New follower from the link up! Adorable blog!


  18. yummm! those are so cute and look deeeelicious!

  19. So cute! I bet Hudson's teachers love it!

  20. Hold the phone! First of all...Hudson's thighs!!! LOOOVVVEEEE me some baby chunk!! Good lord he is a DOLL!! And that red hair...swoon! He is just precious!!

    Second....those treats...I could come through the computer screen and eat them! They look DE-LISH!! And SO festive! Oh Valentine's day...I love thee!

    And I love you and your adorableness! Thank you, as always, for linking up with us! xoxo

  21. These are a special special treat indeed. They look delicious! yum! and oh, Stephanie is right. Hudson's so adorable. :D

  22. Pretty sure credit needs to go to Lil Dis on this pin! She is the orgininator of those tasty goodies for the sweet little baby shower we had near Valentine's day last year!!

  23. These look sooo delicious!!! I would totally pin them and then take the time to bake them! Don't you just love when you pin something and then actually take the time to make it!?!?! Such a rewarding feeling! I think yours turned out even cuter! =)

  24. YUM. So, two things: one, I have such a happy memory of dipping strawberries into melted chocolate with you and your mom at your house in high school - I even remember your gingham tablecloth (and learning the word gingham because of it:)) Two: that expression on Hudson's face reminds me so much of your sweet mama!

  25. I'm glad to see these turn out. I have a similar pin and was hesitant to try. Your recipe turned out so pretty! Just the encouragement I needed.
    Stopping by from the Pinned It Link Up.


  26. I'll be over shortly to eat my weight in these, thank you very much. Make sure you've got plenty of See's too, please.


  27. loving your blog! I just found it and I have been sucked in for over a half hour now lol. New follower :)

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  29. OK, we need a pinterest day together! We have to coordinate one because it would simply be too fun!!!


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