Happy 5 Months Hudson!

February 11, 2013

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Height and Weight: Hudson weighs roughly 19 pounds and is 26 inches long. That is one pound and one inch up from last month. We love our chunky guy!

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Health: Hudson FINALLY got over the cold he had for most of December and January. And two weeks later is was back. Otherwise our guy is great! We had to visit the Children's hospital to get an ultrasound of his hips as a precaution because I was born with dislocated hips and had to wear a hip brace for a year.....luckily Hudson's hips are perfect! He hated the ultrasound because he had to hold still and all he wanted to do was kick his legs! Thankfully he settled down once the tech gave him a light up toy to play with.
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Sleep: Hello 4 month sleep regression! Hudson was up once a night all month. But even with that one wake up he is still a pretty good sleeper, usually sleeping 5 to 7 hour stretches, waking up to eat, and then sleeping 3-5 more hours. And we officially said goodbye to the swaddle this month! We transitioned him in to a sleep sack and it has been great. Hudson loves having his hands free to suck on!

Diet: 100% breast milk.We are going to exclusively breastfeed (which means no solid food) for the first six months of life, per the recommendation of of the American Academy of Pediatrics. You can read about my adventures with breastfeeding and pumping here

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Clothes: Hudson is wearing size 6 months in clothing and just started wearing 9 months pjs. And size 3 diapers. 

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Baby Gear Love: Hudson still loves his Jumperoo and any toy that can fit in his mouth. Another favorite is
the Feel and Learn book....he loves the crunchy noise it makes when the plays with it.

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Crying: Hudson only cries when he is hungry....or when he is sick of me sucking the snot out of his nose.

Likes: He loves to giggle, splash in the bathtub, watch Wrigley play, look out the window at the snow, bounce in his jumper, put everything in his mouth, smile at mommy and daddy, and "talk." The teachers at daycare say Hudson loves talking and looking at the other babies....right now he his favorite is a little girl named Lilly. Oh boy, we are going to have a heartbreaker on our hands! 
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Postpartum: When will the hair loss stop? It is crazy how much hair I shed every day!

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Social: Hudson loves everyone and has such a huge smile on his face when someone talks to him. I had to go with my mom to a doctor's appointment and he charmed everyone in the waiting room with his chubby grin. The teachers at daycare have nicknamed him "Hudsy" and they get so excited when I drop him off in the morning....it makes me feel so good that they are loving on my little guy while I'm at work!
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Milestones: Hudson can almost sit up on his own. He still needs the boppy for support but I imagine he'll be sitting without it in no time. He is a champ at holding his head up and will frantically crane  his neck around when he hears his daddy enter the room. He is also starting to be interested in anything we are eating or drinking and tries to grab it from us and stick it in his mouth.
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We love you Hudsy!

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29 Responses to “Happy 5 Months Hudson!”

  1. He is so cute! I showed my 12 year old daughter and she said Oh I could just squeeze him.

  2. Happy 5 months Hudson! Im glad his smiles are finally starting to show through!! And yay sitting!! Such a big boy.

  3. Wow. I did not realize Hudson was born on the same date as Lexi the 11th.. Yeah for that a terrific date.....Teresa

  4. What a precious little man! I miss my squishy infant! Happy 5 Months!

  5. Ps- totally starting to see Jon in him!!!

  6. Happy 5 months Hudson! He is getting so big. I LOVE that smile! Who couldn't resist it? Great pictures!!!

  7. He is such a cutie! Glad everything went well with the hip ultrasound. Love all the pics!

  8. Happy 5 month Hudsy! He is so adorable. I'm glad everything went well for the hip ultrasound. They made Max get one too b/c he was breech. I also haven't stopped loosing my hair. I get wads of it out each time I wash it.

  9. Could he be any cuter?! We're still waiting to see if our little one's hair will turn red. I'm crossing my fingers!

  10. Julie he is absolutely precious!!! I just can't get enough of his chubbiness! His cheeks, & those sweet baby rolls!!! How can you not just kiss & squeeze on him all of the time!?

  11. What a sweet little boy! He is so cute and I love his red hair. I am secretly hoping for a red haired baby (the hubs has red hair).

  12. Hudson is SO cute !! I just stumbled on your blog & he and my son Christian are only a month apart in age! Have you ever heard of the vitamin biotin? I have been taking it religiously and have seen a HUGE difference in my hair shedding !!

  13. He's so cute! I love his red hair!

  14. Happy 5 months little dude! He is so so cute! :)

  15. Happy 5 months! He is so darn cute! I love the dachshund onesie...where did you find it??

  16. Happy 5 months Hudson! I was thinking of you and how fast you are growing, changing & learning. SMILES they melt my heart. I was wondering about the ultrasound. Glad it's fine. I love you little guy!

  17. What a cutie! Happy 5 months Hudson!

  18. Happy 5 Months! What a great milestone!!

  19. You guys are so lucky you ended up with such an amazing son! I have so much fun with him every time I stop by. He's the best boy I know! Happy 5 months!

  20. Hello! New follower (and new blogger) here! I found your blog through The Vintage Apple. Your son is just adorable, and I love reading your posts! No kiddos for me (yet), but I'm taking lots of mental notes for the future :-)

    Also, I HAVE to know where you got those weiner dog PJ's. My sister is obsessed and would die to have them for baby!

    Finally, who did your blog design? I'm looking to get a "makeover."


  21. Happy 5 Months Hudson. I got to say Julie. He is one adorable little tot. :)

  22. Oh I just wanna snuggle him close and kiss those cheeks! He is so adorable! And I love that he has RED hair!!!!

  23. That face melts me. He is so perfect!

  24. He is adorable!! I hear you on the hair loss! My little boy is six months and I am losing it in chunks :(

    Good luck, let me know if you here of any solutions to the hair loss. Thanks!! Chelsea

  25. AH! What a cutie. I hear I might get to meet you in April in michigan when I visit Ashley!!! YAY!

  26. Such a cutie...how do you get anything done? I would be pinching those cheeks and taking in that smile all the time!

  27. Give it another month on the hair loss. I just noticed a lot less hair in the drain and my little guy just turns 6 months old. You're almost there! And my LO feels Hudson's pain about have his nose cleared all the time! He's gotten very good at pulling the cord out of my hands...lol

  28. What a handsome little man!

  29. Look at that smile! And I die.over his chunky legs!! Baby rolls are the best!! He is going to be sitting up in no time, then watch out Momma, I feel like they become mobile so quick after that!


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