I'm One Step Ahead of You, Pottery Barn

January 28, 2013

The other day my mom called me and told me to check out Pottery Barn's new catalog.
 photo DSC_0707_zps04adea32.jpg
I cheerfully obliged. 

 photo DSC_0708_zps57631b9e.jpg
When I opened it up to the very first page, something familiar caught my eye.

 photo before_zps5eeb461f.jpg
Here let me show you......

 photo bam_zps323200a3.jpg
Oh that's right! Pottery Barn is using the exact same Hudsonville wire milk crates that I put in Hudson's nursery months ago!

 photo DSC_0696_zps7e68ab51.jpg
Totally patting myself on the back for being ahead of a Pottery Barn trend!!!!

 photo DSC_0701_zpsaebde00d.jpg
I found these Hudsonville milk crates at an antique fair when I was pregnant and just had to have them. I knew at the time we were most likely naming our baby Hudson....and if we didn't I figured they would still work in our nursery because Hudsonville Creamery is a local Michigan establishment. 

 photo DSC_0705_zps5a8ca35a.jpg
Instead of storing old bottles in them like Pottery Barn, we use them on his changing table to store diapers, jammies, and burp clothes. 

 photo yes.jpg
Have you ever been ahead of a trend? You can see more of Hudson's nursery HERE.

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13 Responses to “I'm One Step Ahead of You, Pottery Barn”

  1. Ha I love that you had this before they did! The nursery is perfect!

  2. I still positively swoon over Hudson's nursery! It's the perfect baby boy room that can grow with him as he grows. Way to be ahead of the trend! :)

  3. What an adorable nursery! I'd have to say I've always been really into chalkboards and chalkboard paint - they seem to have really taken off in the past year or two.

  4. Love it!! You have such a great eye, so I'm not surprised! Really fun to see that PB is inspired by vintage finds like this too!

  5. Love it!! You have such a great eye, so I'm not surprised! Really fun to see that PB is inspired by vintage finds like this too!

  6. Don't you kinda love that feeling! I had something similar happen with the Land of Nod catalog. Can't remember where I bought the art print from (for $30) and then they were selling it for around $80! Which reminds me I really need to frame it and hang it up...

  7. Love it! :) And I love the touch of them having his name on them! SO CUTE!

  8. You were sooo ahead of the trend! Love it! And of course, I still LOVE Hudson's nursery, too cute!!!

  9. I wouldn't be surprised if someone who works for PB reads your blog and decided that should be the new trend. I always love your décor and especially love Hudson’s nursery!!

  10. Such a cute nursery room. The curtain design looks fabulous. Loved it.

  11. Hudson's room is perfect! I love the colors! And milk crates are awesome.. Go you! So on trend! ;)

  12. Love his nursery so perfectly cute and boyish!!


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