January 29, 2013

A bit of POP

Did you know I used to be a cheerleader?

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Yep. Four years in high school and one year in college. Some of my favorite high school memories were made in cheer.

My very first year as a cheerleader I met one of the sweetest, most genuine girls ever.....Erin from a bit of pop.

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(Nice bangs ladies....good thing we now know better!)What I remember most about Erin was not only did she have an infectious smile, she also was one of the kindest, funniest,  most encouraging girls I have ever met. And the same can be said about her now. Erin recently started blogging about fashion, style, dressing her cutie-pie husband, and that ever important piece of "pop" that sets you apart from everyone else. 

Check her out now.....this girl is beautiful on the inside and out.
hello girl in the red shoes readers! i'm erin from a bit of pop, where i blog about the latest style trends when it comes to all things fashion and home decor. 

while providing a glimpse into my little world, my focus is finding affordable pieces that will add something extra fantastical to any look, a 'bit of pop', if you will. :) 

once a week, i feature men's fashion as well and on fridays a 'pop of the week' which is usually an item i've found that i just can't live without. you can read more about me here.

i am so thankful for this opportunity to share a little of me on sweet julie's blog. i adore her style, her crafty nature, and her gorgeous family. here are a few pictures of some of my recent posts. enjoy, cheers, and i hope you'll follow along!

Um...isn't Erin GORGEOUS? And her husband???? Those two have some cute babies in their future!

Thanks Erin! Be sure to check her out at a bit of pop! I think her "pop of the week" just may be one of the best things about my Fridays.

Are you interested in being featured on my blog? I love to promote fellow bloggers and would love to chat with you and show you off! Send me an email!


Katie said...

Erin is adorable and the blog is so cute. Adding it to my reader now!

And I can relate to the throwback cheerleading days-- I was on my high school dance team i Texas. Friday nights weren't complete without sequined cowboy hats, petticoats, red lips, blue eyeshadow and BIG Texas hair. We were fancy! :)

Michelle @ The Vintage Apple said...

I was a cheerleader too!!!!!! And thank you for introducing me to a new blog! And I just saw your guest post for me about being a mommy and I LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you so much for doing that for me! I'll let you know when I publish it!!!! xoxoxoxoxo Oh and I'm SO SO SO excited you are on my blog as a sponsor!!!!!! I'll email you about that soon, too!!!!

Shay said...

Oh man I miss cheer! Can I please have your hair?! Seriously stunning! Off to visit Erin now!

Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

Love the cheer pictures! You both were adorable! What great memories and to still be friends is so special. Off to check out Erin's blog - she is still gorgeous!

Erin said...

I love cheerleaders!! :) I cheered all through high school and miss it all the time hehe. My freshman year cheer pics are sooo embarrassing, but entertaining too ;)

Jess said...

love love love this! I'm always on the hunt for new bloggers and this looks like a great one to follow!

The Egg said...

haha my boyfriend would KILL me if i posted pictures of him online. bravo to her cute hubby! she has great style

xo the egg out west.

Alexa said...

Love her. She has the best style!

SHAYNA said...

I cheered throughout school also! Love Erin's ideas & blog!

Meg {henninglove} said...

wait, i went to APU with erin pop!!! that is so cool you two did cheerleading together!! i love her blog, i didn't know she had a blog thanks for sharing her blog

Lobster Meets Peach said...

How fun to have a high-school friend who blogs too! I just reconnected with a college friend who found my blog via Pintrest. Crazy fun!!!

Erin Watkins said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin Watkins said...

my goodness, i am so grateful for all of the encouraging comments. thank you everyone for being so kind and checking out my blog! and thank you again julie for the feature! // erin @abitofpop

natasha {schue love} said...

So fun!! Adore her style and can't wait to check out her blog! xo

Brenna said...

Oh my goodness! I remember those girls! I can't believe that's Erin! So fun!

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