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December 3, 2012

And now, a post in list form....because it's Monday....and I'm tired.
  • Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts on my last post. Hudson did okay at day care. He was sort of fussy for them and is still unsure about taking a bottle, but overall he did fine. I, on the other hand, cried in the parking lot and the entire drive to work. 
  • Hudson stays home with me on Wednesdays and daddy or grandma on Fridays...which I am so thankful for. Any tips for helping a breastfed baby take a bottle?
  • Want to know what's awkward? Pumping at work. 
  • Now that I'm no longer on maternity leave the weekends are even more precious. More time with my little man = a happy mama. But weekends just go by way too fast. 
  • Hudson slept through the night last night! And I couldn't even enjoy it because my boobs hurt so much.
  • Finally ordered our Christmas cards......I feel so behind this year. My OCD tendencies usually mean I have them addressed and ready to go by the first of December. Oh well. 
  • I really want some cute reindeer/snowflake leggings. Does anyone know where I can find some that don't break the bank?
  • And because I can't post without a is one of my sweet little man. It's so hard to leave him!

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17 Responses to “this n' that”

  1. Ha, ditto on the pumping at work and the sore boobs from an all night sleeper!!

    Luckily I've trained my ladies to go about 8 hours at night, but it takes FOREVER to empty them in the morning. I guess I'd rather pump longer and get a good night's rest!

    Good luck this week too! Enjoy your mid-week day at home with the little guy!

  2. I feel ya! My maternity leave ended last week and man, was it rough! I heard after a few months it gets easier though. I don't have tips on how to get your little one to take a bottle, but my little man loves the Avent bottles. Maybe try them?

  3. I can only imagine what pumping at work is like. HAHA Good luck with everything with Hudson! :)

  4. Yay for a full night!! Your boobs will totally catch up and get on the new schedule.. But yay for a few uncomfortable nights :( and maybe try a new bottle? I know mommies have found success with the first years breast-flow bottle? Maybe a long shot.... Buuuuut in sure he'll get used to his new routine and be a champ in just a few short weeks!

  5. Such a sweet little man-- those cheeks kill me!

    I have so much admiration for working mamas-- you're doing great! I'm sure it makes your evening, morning and weekend time that much more treasured :)

  6. Max didn't take a bottle easily for my mom either. But when they realize that's all they are getting it will get easier. It took a few weeks of him only eating 3-4 oz at a time. When he's introduced to cereal and other foods it gets easier because you know they are eating other things to help keep them full. I use platex nurser bottles with the liners and he seems to like the nipples on them.

    I feel ya on the pumping. The pump seems SO loud when its super quiet in the office. I would time it so when the air conditioner kicked on I would pump. It just sucks that something so natural is so inconvenient to do.

  7. I hear you on so much of this post! I remember the first night E slept through the night and I was SOOO uncomfortable! And yes, pumping is definitely the! We use Dr. Brown's bottles and E loves them.

  8. I'm glad everything is going so well with the babe. He is beyond adorable.

    xo, Emily

  9. My 8-week-old slept 8 hours straight last night and I had to wake her up because my boobs were hurting so bad!

  10. I have nannied for a ton of babies and I think the best trick is to soothe their face withyour fingers while giving them the bottle, it keeps them calm and helps them feel loved and relaxed! Good luck!

  11. glad to hear you made it through!

    and in some total mistake, I have our christmas cards in the mail today... I think I stole your christmas card timeliness, because that never happens to me.

  12. Hang in there with the adjustment of going back to work, it does get easier.

    Also I agree with previous posts about trying a different bottle, we ran into the same issue and Easton ended up preferring the cheap gerber bottles!

  13. I switched bottles and that helped us with the transition. We had success with Born Free bottles. Pumping at the office is awkward. I work with only men. Sweet.
    Hooray for sleeping through the night!!
    Check Target for some Nordic leggings.

  14. 6 months in and my chest still hurts when I wake up OR I wake up in a HUGE puddle (NOT COOL). Course my babe still hasnt slept more than 6 hours straight. I keep waiting for that to happen. Your cutie patootie is a champ for sleeping so well already!

    Going to work does get easier and weekends are PRECIOUS time with our little family. At least the holidays are around the corner, gives you that many MORE days with your little guy!

  15. Oh boy, is pumping at work awkward! I was so terrified someone would walk in. And once I forgot my steam clean bag for parts in the office microwave and a male coworker found it. It was hilarious. He was so freaked.

    We used the Tommee Tippee bottles and Blaire took to them well. I think the shape of them helps with the transition between bottles and BFing. Good luck!

  16. I've been thinking about you friend, hoping all is going well with working. I go in a few days a week usually just 6 or so hours but it is still so hard to leave the little guy! We use Dr. Brown's bottles and O seems to like them and I totally hear ya on being uncomfortable while sleeping, it's such a blessing but we ever get a break?!ha

  17. Maternity leave is so quick, right!? Weekends are like gold one work is back in the picture. I am glad he did good at daycare! Its so hard!!


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