Baby stuff I didn't know we needed....until we did

December 6, 2012

Baby things I didn't know we needed

When I first got pregnant I vowed to keep the "baby junk" in our house to a minimum. I figured we didn't need more clutter in our house, right? Turns out I was wrong! So I thought I'd share my list of things that I didn't think we needed...until we did!

1. Crane Drop Humidifier. Hudson has his first cold right now and this humidifier is great! If you are pregnant make sure you buy one now because if you are like me, you won't decide you need one until it's baby's bedtime...and your husband is at baseball practice. (Lucky for me grandma was able to babysit!).

2. NoseFrida. I was at a baby shower when a friend received this as a gift and I thought it was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen! Little did I know that a few months later I would be buying one. You use this to suck the snot out of your baby's nose...and it is awesome! Hudson doesn't like it, but he HATED the one they give you at the hospital. Plus, there is a strange sense of satisfaction when you see all the boogers you can get out with this thing!

3. Boppy Nursing Cover. For some reason I didn't think I needed this. I figured I would just feed Hudson a pumped bottle if we were out and about. Turns out he didn't really like a bottle at first so this was totally necessary! So far I've only used it in the car and haven't gotten up the courage to use it somewhere more public. Maybe with baby #2 I'll be more brave!

4. Gas Drops. Just buy these now. Your baby may have gas or may be like mine and just cry a lot, making you think he has gas. Who knows if these helped at all but it made this new mama feel like at least I was trying something during those first few (super hard) weeks!

5. A Second Boppy Cover. If you use a boppy (we love ours!) make sure you get a second, or even a third, cover for it. Trust me.

6. Bottle Warmer. I refused to register for a bottle warmer. I am breastfeeding and figured we didn't need it. All you have to do is heat up some water in the microwave and plop a cold bottle in there right? Turns out this process took longer than I thought. And according to my husband it was a pain in the you know what. So save your husband a hassle and go out and buy this for him. He'll thank you for it.

7. Sheet Saver. Buy two of these. Spit up on sheets is no fun. While you're at it buy two mattress pads too.

8. White noise apps for your iphone. We have white noise lite and a wonderful nature one from BuzlyLabs. These come in handy when you are out and about and need to drown out loud noises so your baby stays asleep! I learned that trick from our newborn photographer Miranda!

9. Vitamin D drops. I had no clue that breastfed babies needed these! You can put them in a bottle for daycare or do what I do and give them to your baby when he is taking his bath! Hudson is always in a good mood during bath time and takes them like a champ.

10. A cute baby book. This is the one I bought and I LOVE it. In fact, everyone who looks at it loves it too!  When I was pregnant I couldn't find a baby book that I liked. I decided I didn't need one and that I could just make a really nice photo book of Hudson's first year. But trust me, you need a real baby book! Especially since it's hard to remember all of those "firsts"! You think you'll have no problem remembering and then you have a baby and loose your mind. Those first few weeks I couldn't remember what day it was or when the last time Hudson there was no way I could remember the date of his first outing or first bath. Trust me on this one!

What is on your "I didn't know we needed it" list?

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22 Responses to “Baby stuff I didn't know we needed....until we did”

  1. I agree with every single one of these! I really want that baby book! The only thing I'd add to the list is gripe water. Avery gets hiccups all the time and they are bad. Gripe water gets rid of them instantly.

  2. Perfect list, we have almost all of these as well. Sheet savers are a MUST. I have heard alot about the snot sucker I think Im going to purchase one.

  3. such a great list Julie! :) saving it for later!

  4. Hooray for a Nosefrida. So gross, but such satisfaction! The humidifier situation is all too familiar. Matt was out of town on a business trip, when suddenly I had to have one for her. Ugh. I didn't know about the divisol either until my first pediatrician appt. That must have been the chapter I skipped in the baby books!

  5. So helpful! My little one is due any day now and I've added to my list! I had no idea about the vitamin D drops!

  6. I didn't know about the vitamins either. I def. also agree with the gas drops. I would add a good thermometer. Whenever Max was fussy for no reason or if I'd call the doctor they always asked if he had a fever and I had no idea. Buy a more expensive thermometer and not one that comes in the packs so you know it works properly. I would also buy baby tylenol (mostly needed in the upcoming months) but again you don't want to rush out to get it at 2am when you think he is teething and in pain. I still haven't purchased a baby book, b/c I am so torn on the design. I just want it to look great lol.

  7. So glad you posted this! My husband and I are registering in the next few weeks so I will add these to my list. I always hear that the Crane Drop Humidifier is the best!

  8. Humidifier! I actually borrowed it from Mila while I have this nasty cold! Ha!

  9. Ummm....I had no idea babies need Vitamin D drops. Blaire never had any and the pediatrician never mentioned a word about it. Oops!

  10. Such a good list!!! I keep thinking of all of the things that I actually use that I never thought I would! (And all of the things I thought were soooo important that never get touched.)

    One of the things that we bought bc it was on crazy sale is the Skip Hop diaper changing has become attached to me. It's perfect to change at someone's house on the ground, in a store with a baby changing station, in the back of the car, carries just enough diapers and wipes that fold up nice and small so you don't have to take an entire bag into a store or house. I love it!!

  11. This is a great list (I think... haha!) but I'm still grossed out by the snot sucker. :)

  12. These similarities are getting a bit spooky, Hudson has the same baby book!

    I think you nailed the list. I also am a huge fan of the nose frida (although I still can't get my husband to use it.)

    Another favorite of mine is gripe water. Miracle stuff that cures anything, teething, gas, hiccups...literally anything!

  13. every time i see a list like this i pin it for future reference. i like to think im going to be super prepared when the time comes :) keep em coming!

    hope your sweet boy gets better soon!

  14. Mike has yet to complain about the time it takes to warm a bottle. Guess we're just lucky? Or prepared.

  15. Great list, we have almost all of these things too. The humidifier and the NoseFrida are the best! I didn't get a bottle warmer, but definitely will with our next kid. Now we just make formula bottles with warm water from the tap.

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  17. Oh I wish I had seen those baby books before! I had such a hard time too, but ended up getting the "My Baby Book", which is cute, just not pretty. I was the same way about those gas drops. Who knows if they actually helped, but they helped us feel better knowing we were trying to help our son.

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  19. I didn't know about the Vitamin D drops either, and I'm thinking we need the NoseFrida. O has a cold now too and it is no fun! Hope little Hudson is feeling better.

  20. Such a great list. We love our crane humidifier. I need to get a nose fredia...I have heard amazing things about it and we have had some nasty colds around here that I am sure it would have helped with! My son is a year old and I am just now looking to order a baby book. Im such a bad mom!! Ive been writing things down in my planner as the year went on so now I just need to get something cute and consolidate!! I hope little Hudson is feeling better from his cold!

  21. Just catching up on your sweet little Hudson and saw your white noise app!!! Amazing I know!!!! LOL, glad someone else got some use out of it and didn't think I was crazy:)

  22. so glad you linked back to this! thanks for all the tips!


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