The Meanest Christmas Tree

November 27, 2012

Now that we have a baby, I have decided it's time to set some family holiday traditions: saying what we are thankful for at Thanksgiving, cutting down our own Christmas tree, visiting Santa, new Christmas jammas....the list goes on and on. 

So after all the Thanksgiving festivities we decided to hunt down a Christmas tree. The husband and I looked online to find a place that was close to us but you know what? Turns out Christmas tree farmers aren't really in to website design! So when we finally decided on a farm we weren't really sure what to expect. Needless to say I don't think we'll go back next year. In my perfect world a Christmas tree farm should have either Santa, live reindeer, or at least some hot chocolate or hot cider, right? 

We made the best of things and hunted around until we found what we thought was the perfect tree!

What this placed lacked in charm it made up for it with an abundance of trees to pick from!

I like to say that Hudson picked this tree out....but once he started to head towards a melt-down, we knew it was time to stop looking around and just pick one already!

Me, getting ready to cut down our tree. Or pretending to cut it. You decide. 

The husband was the real lumber jack that day.

Our little moose was all smiles while watching daddy cut down the tree. 

So you may be wondering why this Christmas tree is the meanest? Well, in our rush to avoid a Hudson melt-down we didn't realize that the one we picked was the spikiest tree in the world. Seriously it hurts to touch it! I had to wear gloves to decorate it and still had red scratches all over my arms!

She may be mean, but she sure is pretty!

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17 Responses to “The Meanest Christmas Tree”

  1. It looks so pretty! I love it!!!

  2. Such a pretty tree! And so neat to start documenting new family traditions-- love that!

    P.S. If you have any luck finding matching family jammies that aren't astronomically priced, would you share the info? I'm on the hunt for at least matching pajama pants for all of the kids in the extended family, which really means 5 adults in the late 20s-early 30s, and a toddler :)

  3. I love love love your boots! Where are they from???


  4. First of all, you look amazing!
    I love the idea of cutting down our own Christmas tree! That's a tradition I'd love to add to our list!

  5. Pretty tree. I know what you mean about the ever growing list of adding traditions. With the arrival of our daughter (the day after your son was born) and our now two year old son I find that I want to do so many things we may not have time for. Start small I guess. :)

  6. Beautiful tree! I can't wait to go pick ours out too. :-)

  7. Ooh so cute! We've cut down our tree a couple times and they always look like little Charlie Brown trees...they're literally out in the woods. We have some places about an hour away that are more festive...maybe we'll have to start the same tradition with Ethan! ;)

  8. We started this tradition. We really enjoy going to get our tree every year! I don't feel as though our farms are the best either haha. Your tree looks beautiful!

  9. Isn't starting traditions fun?!

  10. Looks like Hudson was loving the family tradition of finding a Christmas tree. The tree is beautiful! Hudson will enjoy the lights on the tree.

  11. The tree is lovely! Great pick! :)

  12. Ha! I've been boasting about matching Christmas Jammie's for months! Seriously can't wait!! And such a fun family outing- looks like Hudson found an awesome tree!

  13. Beautiful tree! I feel like a big fake with my artificial tree.

  14. Love the tree! It's even prettier in person! And way to show that tree who's boss. :)

  15. We are hoping to to the same thing this weekend!! You're right, it may be mean but so very pretty!! And little Hudson sure is cute all bundled up!!

  16. What a beautiful tree! Sorry to hear that it fought back! :) Hudson is so stinking cute - bet he was a big help with the decorating!


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