No-Sew Garland

September 25, 2012

While I'm loving on my baby boy, my bff Erin, has volunteered to do a guest post for you! She has a six month old baby girl, Lexi, and made the CUTEST garland for her play room. Enjoy!

Hi! I’m Erin, and I’m posting for Julie while she’s loving on her sweet, sweet baby boy. Julie and I go way, way back (like ALL the way back to college), and she’s remained one of my closest, and bestest friends-even if she ditched me and moved to Michigan, fell in love, got married to a handsome-funny man, and now has an adorable baby.
Now back to this no-sew garland I promised to tell you about. I got a sewing machine last year for Christmas, and I’ve only managed to master a straight line (if you don’t look too closely) so when a cute project comes my way that involves not using my sub-par sewing abilities I get REALLY excited. We're in the middle of creating a play-room for our 6 month old daughter, and the space needed some pizzaz and a pop of color (not to mention it makes an excellent photo back-drop)-enter the no-sew garland.
First step. Pick out your fabric. I used ½ a yard of 3 colors and got about a five foot long garland.
Second step. Cut garland into strips 1 inch wide by 14 inches long. I HIGHLY recommend using a rotary cutter thingy. . . otherwise your hands might cramp and you need un-cramped hands for the amount of tying you’ll be doing. . .

 Step 3. Tie the garland on the ribbon. Place the fabric in a “U” under the ribbon. Fold the ends through and pull tight.
Step 4. Tie, tie, tie, tie, and tie until you run out of fabric or your garland reaches the desired length.
Step 5. Stand back and enjoy!
Lexi loves her garland! Thanks Erin!

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9 Responses to “No-Sew Garland”

  1. That'd be adorable in my little girl's nursery when I get it set up after our move! Thank you...heading over to follow you now Erin! Thanks Julie! :)

  2. This is SUCH a cute idea! I'm going to have to do this for Christmas :)

  3. That is too adorable! Ditto Rachel above-- this would look so cute at Christmas time too, or for any holiday really!! (Since no babies here yet!) ;)

  4. Oh my that is so precious!! Love it!

  5. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is so cute and so easy looking! Thanks for posting it :)

  7. Thanks for the tutorial! I'm thinking about doing something similar for my wedding in March!

  8. So cute! Thanks for sharing!


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