Phone Photo Fun Monday! (and a winner!)

July 2, 2012

Happy Monday! Please tell me I'm not the only one who has to work today???? My husband has the week off.....SO not fair! I was pretty jealous of him when I left for work this morning.

Anyway, today is my first time linking up with Ashlee and Savanah for Phone Photo Fun Monday!

We had a great started off with me getting my hair cut. I always have a good day when my hair is styled for me...why can't this happen every day?
And takes two people to dry my hair!

And the print I ordered from Etsy arrived! I can't decide if it's going in the nursery or in our bedroom. But I love it!

And what weekend isn't complete without homemade chocolate chip cookies? The husband sure was happy....and so was I!

To counteract all the cookies I made green monster smoothies. Just blend frozen strawberries, a banana, some milk, and some fresh spinach. I also added a little mango to this one. Yum!

How was your weekend?

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway last week!!!

And the winner is....

 Allison from Nestful of love! Congrats girl!

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17 Responses to “Phone Photo Fun Monday! (and a winner!)”

  1. I wish I could get my hair blown out everyday. OK, every other day would be fine. That print is so cute!

  2. I love that print from etsy! Cute!

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  4. Perfect weekend?! Heck yes! I love that print... And getting my hair done, and cookies- so I'm coming out next weekend and we'll repeat it all!

  5. I love that it takes two people to dry your hair. That's awesome! And I'm so excited I won. I love those bracelets!!

  6. I LOVE that print. Where did you get it???

  7. That print is ADORABLE!!! Where did you get it?

  8. Those cookies look delicious!! And that print is so cute!! So glad you decided to get it :)

    ps- I'm totally working today too. boo :/

  9. Aw I love that print! So adorable! Also, do you ship those cookies by any chance?? :)

  10. I'm totally jealous your husband gets an entire WEEK off work!! This is day 8 of work days in a row for me... definitely looking forward to having the 4th off!!

    There is NOTHING better than having your hair styled for you. I seriously always feel like a million bucks after leaving a salon! I'm due for a trim too ;)

  11. What an adorable print! Thank you for linking up!

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  13. they always have 2 people dry my hair too when I get it done! Seriously, that's the best feeling. Straight from the salon hair! :)

  14. Hi!

    I'm a new follower!!

    Love the print from etsy, can you send me the link by chance?

    I'm due next month and I'm husband and I are moving from Minnesota to California and I would love something like that.

  15. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!!!! Love love love the print :)


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