Baby Shower Round Two

July 30, 2012

I mentioned last week that I work with some wonderful people. Thankfully, so does the husband! On Thursday his co-workers put together an awesome shower for us and Baby R.
And it was baseball themed! They know the husband well. 

There were cute baseball lanterns everywhere. I'll have to try to find a way to incorporate them in to the nursery. 

I forgot to get a photo of all the food...everything was so yummy! But I did get a pic of the cake! It was seriously amazing....luckily the husband brought a few more slices home afterwards (although I think that was mostly his friend Hillary's doing....thanks Hillary!)
We were both blown away by the generosity of the husband's co-workers. 

Cute but blurry photo of us and some bath toys! Baby R got a ton of adorable stuff!

The husband with his friends and party organizers: Hillary, Joel, and Geori. 

Thank you all so much! We had a great time!

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12 Responses to “Baby Shower Round Two”

  1. That was really sweet of your husbands coworkers. I love the baseball theme!

  2. Aww that's so sweet!! I love that it was baseball themed! Sounds like something I would do when I have a kid :) Still looking gorgeous as ever! xo

  3. Wow! How incredibly kind! I've never heard of a guy's workplace throwing a shower...he must work with some pretty special people! What a gift!

  4. That is so awesome! You guys have great co workers!

  5. You guys are making out well!! Awesome co-workers you both have

  6. That is so sweet! You could hang the paper lanterns in a cluster - that's what we did above the crib!

  7. That's so nice of them to throw you guys a shower. They did a great job!

  8. You guys are soo lucky to have so many nice people in your life!

  9. New reader---but I just LOVE the baseball theme, what a great idea! I hope you can head over to baby week on our blog, The Chirping Moms, where we have lots of great posts and giveaways every day this week!


  10. That's so sweet of your husband's co-workers - and how cool is it that they also had the baseball theme - just like your co-workers? xo Anja @

  11. I have the same necklace but in yellow! Love it!!

    I randomly found your blog via pinterest thanks to Halloween costumes! I'm now a new follower. Congrats on your pregnancy, you have such a cute baby bump! :)

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies


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