Pinterest Love on a Wednesday

May 2, 2012

Welcome to Pinteresting Wednesday! I love showing off my favorite Pinterest finds of the week, don't you?
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Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I love this use of shutters behind the bed. I really want to do this in one of our guest rooms!

This is such a cute idea! Mod podge a copy of your marriage license on to a wooden letter. How adorable is that? It would make a great anniversary gift.

DIY farm table. I wish we were more handy....I can't get enough of these.

Our home seems to have endless laundry (and love too!) lately. If I get just a few days behind it's like World War III in our laundry room.

How cute are these heart cuff bracelets? I want! I can't decide between the black and white one and the turquoise and red one. Love.

Make your own chocolate gelato. Are you kidding me???? Please, husband, if you are reading this your baby told me he could totally use some of this asap. Pretty please?

Yum. Cinnamon chips and fruit salsa? You can make this one for me too honey. 
What are you favorite pins this week?

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18 Responses to “Pinterest Love on a Wednesday”

  1. that farm table is awesome, and i love the endless love & laundry pic...i was just saying to my hubby the other day that our laundry is never-ending! i can only imagine what it's like when a baby is in the mix too!

  2. Ok so check it out...

    1. That table is amazing! I love it! I want something like this for my dining room when I redecorate it!

    2. The make your own chocolate gelato I think I may have to try that!

    3. Cinnamon chips and fruit salsa is amazingly delish! I have made it!

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. I love those cuff bracelets, and cinnamon chips with fruit salsa may be the best idea ever.

  4. I love that farm table - I wish I was actually capable of making something like that! The gelato looks so good, too. Yum! :) Great pins!

  5. I am so gonna make the sign for the laundry room! Too cute. Great pin:)

  6. Aww I love the laundry sign! I've been itching to do a mini makeover in our laundry room so thank you for the inspiration :)

  7. I love the shutters behind the bed for a guest hotel like. :)

  8. Cinnamon crisps with fruit salsa?? YES please!!

  9. i NEED those cuff bracelets. NEED THEM.

  10. I love the farm table! So perfect!

  11. I love all of these "homey" pins! And I definitely wanna try making that gelato!

  12. I love the idea of using shutters as a headboard. It has a sort of cottage feel to it which is awesome. So lovely!

  13. I love that table! I'm planning on doing something similar to our dining room table whenever I get the time.

  14. Love everything you shared, but especially the chocolate gelato! Gotta make some of that for sure!

  15. oh pinterest is just the best. i think we can all agree on that! i'm loving those quirky heart cuffs & the gelato looks so spectacular. love your blog! xo.

  16. I love the contrast in those colors in the laundry room... red and bright blue screams WELCOME into a room we're not too fond of all the time :)

    And of course LOVE the bangles!

  17. seriously you find the cutest images on pinterest!! with the husband gone this weekend, there are so many fun projects i could do before he returns thanks to these images you posted

  18. I loved the wooden letter idea and have just done my own version with wooden bunting and paper lace. It looks SO special (even though i got hitched in 2008) so thanks for the post and pin!


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