26 Weeks

May 31, 2012

How far along? 26 weeks. Baby is the size of a head of lettuce. 
Maternity clothes? Still yes and no.
Stretch marks? Not yet. 
Sleep: All I really want to do is sleep on my stomach, which is now impossible. Otherwise I'm still sleeping okay.
Best moment this week:  Working on baby's nursery and finally registering! It was totally overwhelming. We did as much as we could before calling it quits. I still have to go back to the store to register for a stroller, car seat, and diaper bag....plus all of the random stuff we probably missed when we were too busy adding toys! So tell me.....what was the one thing you registered for and never needed? What was the one thing you wish you registered for?
Miss Anything? Sleeping on my stomach and Subway sandwiches
Movement: Lots and lots of movement...especially when I'm in bed reading.
Food cravings: Still loving loving my chocolate milk and raspberries.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really. 
Gender: Baby boy.
Labor Signs: None.
Symptoms: How can I say this without embarrassing myself? If you are my husband's friend, please stop reading this now. Let's just say it's hard to poop when you are pregnant and leave it at that. And on Monday when it was over 90 degrees my hands swelled up after being in the sun for a half an hour...so that was no fun!
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: Happy
Looking forward to: Getting some artwork up on the walls in the nursery and seeing good friends this weekend!

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28 Responses to “26 Weeks”

  1. I have something to tell you... I've been trying not to. Because you're going to be depressed. Even after the babe it's not easy stomach sleeping because your giant milk filled boobs hurt too much to press into the mattress. Also - subway = delicious.

  2. I have no registry advice other than GOOD LUCK. And take notes for me.

    Regarding the poop thing, I've actually read about this on a lot of mommy-blogger-friends blogs... apparently kiwis can help. Really, any fruit veggie but especially kiwi, apparently. I haven't had a ton of luck with it but you never know!

    Haha, I'll cross my fingers for a good poop for you.

  3. as far as the above ~ahem~ problem try taking two Culterelle probiotic. They are safe (I am pregnant too) and get the ball rolling...and really help. you can get them at your grocery store for about 16 bucks which might seem excessive but you get 30 capsules...anyway Good luck and you look great!

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  5. You are so cute and stylish. Seriously, I hope I look half as good as you when I'm preggers! If I were you, I'd be estatic your belly button is still in. Outties freak me out!! haha

  6. Max is only 8 months and I already feel far removed from the newborn stage! We didn't register for swaddle sacks (Halo brand is my favorite) and we ended up buying a few. I am not good at swaddling with just a blanket. This will probably be beneficial for you since you are in a cold climate but we never used our carseat cover. It never got cold enough this past winter and we switched him to his convertible carseat at 6 months. Registering is a ton of work! I tweaked mine over and over!

  7. Baby Bargains helped me a LOT with my registry. If you email me back, I'll give you my last name so you can look up what we settled on at Target and Babies R Us. We bought the bigger items - travel system, crib, pack n play -- but registered for lots of other "necessities" according to blog land and moms I know. Registering can be fun -- once it's over ;)

  8. Oh constipation, a preggo's best friend ;-) Try oranges, one a day...it works well!

  9. I hope that one day when I am pregnant that I will look half as stylish as you do!

    Love the weekly updates. He will be here before you know it now :)

  10. You look fantastic!

    One thing we registered for and never use is the Bumbo. She hated it and it didn't seem too safe(she would arch her back to try to get out and may have been able to if I hadn't stopped her). One thing we didn't register for and ended up needing was breathable bumpers. The second she started rolling in the crib the bumpers scared me, so I took them out. Then she started sticking her arms and legs out of the crib. Breathable bumpers were a good solution.

  11. Ahhh! Look at your cuter than cute bump! You look fantastic!!

  12. You look amazing! I just love your weekly updates!

  13. I swear this is going so quickly!!! I love the baby bump... you're so cute! HAHA (I feel like I say that every time!!)

  14. Yup…you are officially an adorable pregnant lady! It feels like you just announced you were pregnant too. I hope my pregnancy goes that fast!!

  15. Lettuce! woo hoo! haha so cute :) I spy yellow necklace...girl you rocking them well!!

  16. Lettuce! woo hoo! haha so cute :) I spy yellow necklace...girl you rocking them well!!

  17. I feel like you are flying through pregnancy!!! But I'm sure you don't! ;) You are looking great momma, I bet registering could get overwhelming. Just so must CUTENESS to get distracted by!!

  18. This whole poop thing scares me. A friend of mine said that she hit up the prune juice they had in the fridge at the old folks home she worked at when she was preggers.

    Good luck registering! I loved being able to register online for our wedding. We never stepped foot in Bed Bath and Beyond.

  19. You look fabulous! You may want to try a few refrigerated prunes with breakfast if you can stomach them!

  20. looking fab momma! I too am loving chocolate milk and all berries really. We haven't even started our nursery yet... eeeek!! Yours is coming along great, I love that dresser. Such a cute idea

  21. what a cute bump!
    there are tons of things you will register for that you will only use a handful of times. it's just that way. one thing #2 loved was being swaddled, so i needed some swaddle me wraps in different sizes for her. they were a lifesaver. one thing i used a lot for both kids was the bath sponge and the bath sling. they were small and much easier to store than the big tubs that take up so much room. happy registering. and, my ob told me that subway was fine as long as it was toasted, but limited to once a week. you can still get in that craving.

  22. Ugh- the "digestion issues" persisted after pregnancy for me:o( Colace will be your BFF postpartum. But enough of that...

    Here are things we did not need... She outgrew infant hooded towels very quickly and we used the PB Kids bath wrap exclusively (not the "nursery" bathwrap) until she got a few more for her bday. They are just too small to wrap them up in after they are about 6 months old! She also did not really care for Sophie the Teether or the Bumbo, which everyone RAVED about. She actually didn't need teethers at all, just used her pacifier.

    We should have registered for 2 full layettes of newborn clothes. Don't believe people when they say "They'll never wear them". It must be like vanity sizing in womens clothes. L needed newborn clothes for at least a month and she was an 8.4 baby. 0-3 clothes were huge.

    We should have registered for a swing and didn't because many people said test it out at someone else's house to see if your kid is a swing kid or not. She was :o) We used a gift card.

    We needed way more bottles than I expected because I was planning to nurse and that did not work out for us.

    Hope that helps!

  23. You look fabulous!! I took a my best friend who has a 1 year old to register and it helped a lot. She went through all the products, explained why she liked them and what her daughter used and didn't use. As for the heat and swelling...welcome to my everyday life here in FL!

  24. You are looking so cute! The red dresser you guys made is adorable too!

  25. You look fantastic and still so tiny! A head of lettuce, baby is getting so big!

  26. You look fantastic... The one thing we needed that I did not anticipate is a bassinet... I thought for sure the nursery was close enough... Boy was I wrong I don't want her out of my sight ;)

  27. Jamie MooreJune 05, 2012

    I prefer a large purse over a diaper bag, but I am not one of those moms that carries everything with me. A couple of diapers, wipe, change of clothes, and a blanket was my standard that I just carried in my purse. Receiving blankets that were too small to get a good swaddle at 3 am made me cry. Sam loved her playmat. I registered for minimal stuff to ensure I would get what we really needed, babies don't need much!

  28. You look amazing!!



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