Weekend in iphone photos....

April 2, 2012

Happy Monday everyone. We had a great weekend. But before I get to what we did, I have to let you all know I got to see The Hunger Games!

 It was so so so good. I think that even if you haven't read the book (which, shame on you! Go read it right now!) you would still enjoy this movie. I loved every minute of it and it was really well done. I can't wait for the next movie to come out. My only complaint? I could have used some more Gale screen time. That should be self explanatory if you've ever seen Liam Hemsworth. 

Anyway...back to our weekend. On Friday Miss Sophie got her first collar. 
Which was promptly removed because it is still way too big for her. Little miss is a tiny thing. 

 On Saturday morning the husband and I went up to my mom's lake house for the weekend....and there was a baby pony at a near by farm. Of course I had to snap a photo! He was SO cute....and scared of me. And don't let this picture fool you...he was HUGE. 

We had fun shopping for Amish furniture and kayaks with my mom.....and of course had some good food too!

When we got back home on Sunday our tulips were out! It's FINALLY Spring at our house!

How was your weekend?

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15 Responses to “Weekend in iphone photos....”

  1. I just read the first book, can't wait until I see the movie!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the movie! I'm still working on the book. That pony is adorable!

  3. I saw the movie and just got my hands on the book yesterday. Now I can't WAIT to read it :)

    Sophie is a pretty kitty- and I really don't even like cats!! ha!

  4. looks like you had a great weekend! I loved the hunger games too :)

  5. agreed with more Gale screen time... I mean that gorgeous face needs as much time as possible on screen for us to be able to drool :)

  6. LOVED Hunger Games too! I thought it was really well done! And your tulips are so pretty...yay for spring!

  7. Glad you liked the movie-- I did too! Also glad that spring arrived :) Woohoo springtime!

  8. I started reading the book Saturday. I'm at the library right now & just checked out book 2 because I will finish book 1 today. Sadly, I'm on a waiting list for book 3 but if Erin still has yours I might need to borrow it. Love the book.........have to read book before I see the movie.
    Sophie is soooooo cute.

  9. I loved the Hunger Games movie! I actually haven't read the books (I know, I know, shame) but I think I was able to follow it pretty well. I had a few questions at the end of it but my boyfriend filled me in on all the missing pieces. I mean when you have to put in that much information into two and a half hours of awesomeness, i think it was a job well done!

  10. loved the hunger games... books and movie!!

    super cute kitty!

  11. I couldn't agree more about The Hunger Games! I LOOOVED it! But I definitely could have used more Gale/Liam time :)

  12. awww the horses are too cute!

  13. I am with you...there was not enough Gale! I really think they should have traded actors for those roles. I'm hardcore Team Peeta in the books, but Liam makes it hard not to cheer fr Gale!

  14. How sweet is that kitty?! I liked the movie, too, but was constantly having to explain plot details to my husband. It's hard to make a movie out of a long story like that.

  15. I need some tulips in my front yard. Beautiful!!

    Happy Monday!


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