Lessons on Easter

April 9, 2012

Happy day after Easter! I hope each of you enjoyed your weekend. We sure did...but now I am exhausted.

I learned some important things over the weekend......

 Lesson One: Take the day after a holiday off. The husband was smart and took today off of work.....needless to say I was a bit jealous this morning when I had to drag my pregnant bum out of bed and he got to sleep in!

Lesson Two: Yard work + pregnancy = not a good idea. On Saturday the two of us worked in the the yard....weeding, mulching, and picking up dog poo. I only helped for about an hour and a half but I am still sore all over today. Especially my legs....ouch!

Needless to say I spent Saturday night recovering on the couch with these two.

Lesson Three: One can never have too much Easter candy. No explanation needed. My baby bump is probably not really a baby....just Peeps and Cadbury creme eggs in there. Oops.

That would be my old wagon from when I was little, courtesy of my mom. She filled it with some yummy treats and Amish sticky buns. Yum! (I added War Horse on blu-ray for the husband as a surprise!)

Lesson Four: Easter egg hunts are from here on out mandatory. I'm totally kicking myself for not doing an egg hunt for the husband....he's never done one! How is that possible? I have big plans for next year.

Lesson Five: Everyone can't wait for the baby. This one is a given...but all weekend we thought about what Easter will be like next year with a little one. This baby is the first grandchild for both of our families...needless to say we are a little bit excited.

How was your Easter? Did you eat any Peeps for me????

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15 Responses to “Lessons on Easter”

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Even better for your lucky husband who got to sleep in. I'd be jealous too! Next year will be so fun with little baby Red Shoes! eee!!!

  2. Love the wagon! How can he have not done an egg hunt?

  3. sounds like a great Easter! I love peeps! I'm sure your Easter next year will be so fun with the baby!

  4. HE'S NEVER DONE AN EGG HUNT??? How is that even possible?

    I think you should do one today, or this weekend. It's never too late.

    Also, that wagon just makes my heart explode. So sweet!

  5. I agree - you should have done an EGG HUNT for the husband. Mine participated by helping the toddler cousins find the eggs :) And I agree the topic of conversation yesterday was - NEXT EASTER with a new addition. CANNOT WAIT :) Your kitties are TOO cute all cuddled up ...

  6. Sounds like an amazing weekend!! Ad I'm, try MOVING and entire house while 9 months pregnant. The more active you are the earlier the babe will be (hence Pilates until 8 and a half months). So keep up the yard work!!

  7. The little wagon is so sweet! Sounds like a fun {and tasty!} Easter Weekend! I did a lot of napping all weekend long...we preggos need it!

  8. I have been a follower of yours for some time now but hadn't realized that you are pregnant & wanted to send my congrats!! That is awesome! You must be thrilled & very excited. I know I was feeling the same way about Easter this year. I am hoping to get pregnant in the fall so next year our little one would be arriving around that time. It will be so much fun to have Easter egg hunts with the kiddies but I agree, i should of had one for my husband as well! We forget sometimes to still partake in things like that .. although the hubby has a better time remembering little things like that rather than me!
    Happy Easter!

  9. HOW exciting that your lil' one is going to the first grandbaby!!! I always thought when J & I have our first we'd be the first one having kids, but turns out we aren't-- darn! ;)

  10. So glad you had a good Easter! And I totally agree, there is no such thing as too much candy!!!

  11. Your husband was smart! I was really wishing I took the day off today too!

  12. Um. No peeps here, but a lot of starburst jelly beans. I blame you and Erin for that. AND. they were 30% off today. so we have a lot. They are my new after dinner sweet.

    You totally have to do egghunts with the hubs to make up for lost time. TOTALLY.

  13. What a sweet post & great lessons learned :) Lovin' your blog!

    Your newest follower,
    Tara xo

  14. Really like your blog - you've got lots of great photos! By the way, did you notice that redheads like you and I have a tendency to go for pets with a similar hair / fur colour like your Miss Sophie? (Even though my dog is more brownish - is that even a word?)


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