Antique Finds

April 30, 2012

Good morning! I hope you all had a fun weekend! On Sunday my mom and I went to the antique fair and had a blast. We were there for almost 5 hours! Needless to say I was exhausted...but it was nothing a corn dog and elephant ear couldn't fix!

The husband was surprised with how little we actually bought. Don't get me wrong....there were tons of things we wanted....but didn't want to pay their price! My mom got an old canoe paddle for the lake house. I think we may collect a few more and hang them on her wall. We got tons of "where's your canoe?" or "the lake is that way" comments. Everyone's a comedian. I also got a cute milk basket clue what I'm going to do with it!

We couldn't resist this mini stool. I kept calling it the time out chair for baby R!

And I added two letterpress "R's" to my collection. Now I just need to decide what to do with them.

I also picked up two of these Hudsonville (a city in Michigan) Creamery wire baskets for cheap. I plan to use them on the changing table in baby R's room. This changing table was mine as a's sitting in our basement waiting to be painted!

How was your weekend?

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14 Responses to “Antique Finds”

  1. LOVE those baskets! I hope you took some bites of that elephant ear for me.

    Isn't it crazy how some antique markets and fairs can be so over priced? Drives me nuts.

  2. Looks like so much fun! I can't wait to see how you decorate the baby's nursery:)

  3. You had such great finds!! I never find anything good when I dig through antique fairs!

  4. Love those baskets!! And, what the heck is an elephant ear?!

  5. Great finds! I love the little red stool! It will be a great addition to baby boy's room! :)

  6. Love the wire baskets girl! super cute. You got some good stuff!! I found a window and I'm going to blow up a big picture of us and put it "behind" the pane! (Saw it on Pinterest)

    ps enter my giveaway for $50 to an online shop! xoxoo

  7. I just found your blog -- LOVE it! I, too, am a huge fan of big antique shows. We have one here in Charlotte that occurs monthly and it will be here next weekend. So many great things to be found!

    We have a vintage oar in our lakehouse, btw -- the perfect addition.

  8. Those baskets are great! Can't wait to see everything when it's all put together. :)

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  10. See, I'm not the only one who has never had an elephant ear! Erin, it's either a midwest thing or a county fair treat.....not a common item in CA!.... a big flat piece of deep fried (of course) dough with cinnamon & sugar on it and folded over to look like an elephant ear...yummy!

  11. I love antiquing!!! So much fun!!!! I love that milk basket!! That would look so cute with a flowing ivy in a pretty pot sitting in it or something like that!

  12. Such great finds!! I just love those baskets. And what a fun day with your mom! :)

  13. Love all the stuff... But the Letterpress R's are my favorite!! So cute!!!

  14. I love antiquing and flea markets! It's been too long since my last outing. Love the oar and the metal baskets!


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