20 Weeks

April 19, 2012

How far along? 20 weeks. Baby is the length of a banana. 
Maternity clothes? I need maternity pants for sure. The bump is taking over! Luckily I was able to get a few things this weekend with my friend Ali and again with my mom on Monday. 
Stretch marks? Not yet.
Sleep: Still getting up twice each night to go to the bathroom, but other than that it's okay.

Best moment this week:  Finding out we are having a sweet baby boy! Everything seems so much more real now....we are actually having a baby!
Miss Anything? Nope!
Movement: Absolutely! Our little guy is super active. The ultrasound tech even said he was really wiggly. The husband was able to feel him move for the first time this week...it was such a fun moment.
Food cravings: Chocolate milk, bread with butter, and candy for sure.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still just carrots and broccoli.
Gender: Healthy little boy! And no, we don't have a name for him yet. We'll probably make a list to take to the hospital and then decide once we meet our little guy.
Labor Signs: Way too early. 
Symptoms: Starting to really feel pregnant this week....you can finally see my little bump!
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: Happy
Looking forward to:  Painting the nursery and decorating!

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22 Responses to “20 Weeks”

  1. You look so fantastic!! I can't believe you're halfway there!

  2. You look wonderful and glowing! Definately makes it real when you see that BABY on the screen ... Amazing, everytime :) Cannot wait to see how you decorate your baby's room!

  3. What a cute photo idea! Love it :)

    Ps. You wear pregnancy well - you're glowing!

  4. You are so cute!! And you look great! :) I love the pictures....such a fun idea. So happy to hear everything is going well!! xo

  5. Soo beautiful, halfway there is a BIG DEAL!! How exciting :) Do you have any nursery ideas narrowed down?!

  6. It's hard to believe halfway there.
    The baby bump sure grew this week & you are glowing.

  7. Can't believe you are already halfway to seeing your baby boy face to face! You look so beautiful and I praise God for your wiggly, healthy baby. Wish you were closer...I'd definitely bake you a fresh strawberry pie!

  8. So fun! You are way more than relaxed than I am with names. I'm already thinking of them and I'm not preggo. that's a great idea though! CONGRATS :)

  9. OMG! You're already halfway there!!!! CRAZY TOWN! :) Looking adorable as always!

  10. Your bump is so cute and little! I've discovered over the last few weeks that my bump looks HUGE in pictures but in reality it looks much more like yours does in this picture =) Adorable!

  11. You look great! What a cute little bump :) And congrats on finding out you're having a boy! How fun!

  12. Carly SappApril 19, 2012

    I remember when we found out we were having a boy...made everything seem real, there really was a baby in there, so I completely understand what you mean. With the name, Brian and I did the sane thing. Took our top 3 name ideas and named him once we saw him. We knew right away what his name was then, no question. Congrats on your halfway point!

  13. Still so excited that you're having a boy!!! YAY!! And you look amazing!! I was so excited for my bump to come in...one day you'll just wake up and BAM there it is!! :)

  14. I love how you do the Q&A's! It's so fun to read them!

  15. yay half way baby boy bump!!! i love it (and your little man!!)

  16. Yea for halfway! So exciting. And...look at your bump! Love it!

  17. Beautiful!
    Enjoy, and feel free to visit me. I hope you will consider of following each other! What do you think?



  18. Wow! I can't believe baby "R" is already half baked. Keep taking good care of him. :)

  19. Love your cute top!! And how perfect are those little red shoes for Baby B R!!!

  20. Can't wait to see the nursery painted and decorated!!!! I am sure you will make it look great :)

  21. I love your chalk board in all your posts!! Im totally doing this one day!!!

  22. I love your chalk board in all your posts!! Im totally doing this one day!!!


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