Pickles and Ticks and Vacuums

March 20, 2012

This is officially the most random post ever.

On Saturday night the husband and I went out with some friends to dinner and a comedy show. On the way home I told him I was hungry.....
Me: I'm hungry
Husband: Me too. What are you hungry for?
Me: Taco Bell. No, cheesecake. No, pickles.
Husband: Are you sure you didn't drink tonight? I think we have pickles at home.
Me: No we don't. I ate them all.
Husband: Baby! When did you buy them?
Me: Tuesday. 
Me: That's only like 3 pickles a day.

So of course we stopped by the grocery store at 9:30pm and picked up some pickles. And some pie.

The next day we went to my mom's lake house for the day. My mom thought it was so strange that I was craving pickles....so of course with all the pickle talk I asked the husband to look into her fridge and see if she had any....and this is what he found. 

That would be 5 jars! FIVE! Like mother, like daughter I guess. And she thought I was strange.

In other news, last night I discovered Wrigley had a tick! YUCK. I almost gagged when I saw it. Who knew there were ticks in Michigan? We have NEVER had this problem before. Plus, it's only March! 

After my freak out we quickly googled how to remove a tick from a dog....and thankfully it did not involve a lighted match. After I got the tick out and disinfected everything, Wrigley, Henry, and Sophie each got full body tick checks. Luckily they were all clear. After that the rest of the night was spent vacuuming our entire house and treating all three animals for ticks and fleas. I was exhausted.

But the good news? 
I didn't mind all the vacuuming because I love my Dyson. It was our first big "baby" purchase and both the husband and I are obsessed with it. It is the best vacuum EVER. We comparison shopped for at least a month to get this bad boy and eventually scooped up a great deal on Amazon. Best decision we've made in a long time. It's so light and easy to use....and picks up a TON of dirt. Seriously, if you are in the market for a new vacuum get this one....you won't be sorry!

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20 Responses to “Pickles and Ticks and Vacuums”

  1. So it IS true about the pickles and ice cream cravings!? Well, for you just pickles?! So funny! Who doesn't LOVE pickles though?!

  2. Julie, Linda and I laughed out loud reading your post this morning. We so related to your pickles conversation with your husband. I don't even eat pickles and we have at least four bottles in the fridge! The ticks here in NC are bad, but the FrontLine Plus on our hounds does a pretty good job. We also love our Dyson, but it is the Animal Vac version, rather than the 'ball' version that you have. We chose our vac as it specialty is picking up animal fur...and with the four critters we had at that time, we needed it. Otherwise, the 'ball' version would have been tops on our list. Thanks so much for sharing and starting our day off with a smile. ez

  3. Haha that's so funny you are craving pickles! My aunt used to eat them and then drink the juice. Gross.

    And I know how you felt with finding a tick on Wrigley. Toby came home last summer with them after staying with my ex's family and I just about died. Poor guy was so stressed but I turned my apt inside out washing, vacuuming, and cleaning everything. twice. I don't wish that feeling upon anyone!

    I'm glad you guys got a nice vacuum out of it though :)

  4. If people didn't know me, they would probably think I was pregnant going by the amount of pickles I eat. :) I bet those homemade pickles at your mom's were goooood!

  5. Oo now you're making me want to check out the Dyson! Oh and I love that you're craving pickles!!! So fun!

  6. We have the same DYSON! Got it 2 weeks ago! It's my second Dyson and I've never minded vacuuming either since it does the job so well! My first dyson was the pet one but no joke I really beat the heck out of it 7 yrs and I think I killed it LOL if that's even possible! We are loving the one you posted--the attachments have been so easy to use which makes cleaning the dog hair off the couch super easy!!! :)

  7. Oh I hate ticks!!! BLAGH! But I do love me some pickles. I bought hot and spicy Clausen's last night. Can't wait to try them! BAHAHAHAHA! I love my Dyson too!!

  8. I love pickles and I always have. I've actually asked for extra pickles at a restaurant before and they asked me if I was having pregnancy cravings. Nope, just weird.

  9. I love all things dyson! Lex has a dyson hot in her room... Best heater EVER.

  10. Funny about the pickles! And how can you remove a tick without a match? I've never had to remove one on our puppy, but all the time on my presvious beagle I had. Glad they are all tick free now :)

  11. I thought of RHOA when I read about your pickles. I don't know if you follow the show, but Phaedra did a maternity photo shoot and in one of the photos she's holding a giant jar of pickles and eating one. You should totally do this for your maternity photo shoot. Just kidding. Kind of.

    Ticks are so gross. Glad the rest of the animals are tick free. And I'm jealous of your vacuum. We need a new one like whoa.

  12. Seriously, you can never have too may pickles!!

  13. So pickle cravings are real?! LOL- I hope I never crave them when I'm pregnant bc they basically make me gag now, I don't WANT to like them ;)

    Everyone I know who has a dyson LOVES it, I might just need to bite the bullet and get one!!

  14. I can't say I've had any pickle cravings - I don't like them on a normal day so I don't think that will change! Haha.

    The whole tick deal - I know how you feel. We just moved out to the country and the thought of the two dogs getting one just skeeves me out. They just seem like they would be so tough to find - especially on a dog with black fur like our Border Collie cross :-/

  15. I know Ive been traveling and working A LOT but how in the F did I miss that your were knocked up (and I mean that in the BEST way possible)!!!

    Holy CONGRATS!!!

  16. hahaha you crack me up with your "that's only 3 pickles a day" comment. I was the exact same way though, eat them as much as you want!!

    And I am SO jealous that y'all don't have ticks. They are everywhere in NC so we've always had to use front line on our animals my whole life!

  17. Haha! The pickle craving is hilarious. I think it's so fascinating what we crave when we're pregnant. I haven't been able to get enough tacos! Our little guy wants me to eat tacos every single day! I think he gets that from his grandpa (my dad), who is a taco fanatic too. And since your mom loves pickles so much too, I'm going to throw it out there right now and predict that you're having a girl! :)

  18. dyson vacuums are amazing! No lousy suction is no joke. haha!
    and that's a lot of pickles! But, I'm sure we have close to that many jars in our fridge too ;)

  19. Eww...ticks are the WORST. Glad he only had one.

    And I would've cleaned the whole house afterwards too! I'm a clean freak like that.

    LOVE pickles!

  20. Ticks are so awful! I was visiting my parents last week and found a tick on one of my dogs. They said something about it having to do with the "warmer" winter they've had. Either way....yuck!



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