September 30, 2011

Update on Henry

Remember when I said Henry had to get his teeth cleaned? Well that's happening right now. They have to administer anesthesia in order to clean his teeth...which meant no breakfast for Henry this morning. And let me tell you...that was not fun! Please someone tell me how you explain to a cat that yes, I know you are hungry, but no, you may not eat. You may also not eat the dog's food. Or my food for that matter. Traumatizing morning for Henry.

Anyway, the vet quoted me a price for the cleaning and then gave me an additional quote for if they have to remove any of his teeth. The second quote was more than double the first one. I almost fell over. Then he said he'd call me first before removing any teeth.

Well...he called me. Henry needs FIVE teeth removed. FIVE!! Que me panicking. The good news is Henry is already missing several teeth (who knew?) so what's left to be cleaned is minimal. In the end the price is about the same as the first quote. Thank you God.

And now Henry will only have his front teeth (canines and incisors) left. At only five years old, Henry will be an old toothless man. Poor guy just has bad genetics I guess.

September 29, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

It's time for another installment of Awkward and Awesome Thursday. Join Sydney at The Daybook for more awesomeness.

- Trying to carry on a conversation with a neighbor while holding a bag of your dog's poo. There really is no classy way to do this...I've tried.

- Also, let's add waving hello to someone with the poo bag hand.

- The TSA guy flirting with me while I'm going through the scary x-ray screening thing. Nothing says "hot" like me with my hands in the air while someone x-rays every last bit of me. Gives me the creeps to just think about it.

- People you meet at work events who then want to be your friend on facebook. Um, no thank you, creepy guy. 

- My high school reunion. This weekend. I'm not going. But still awkward. I'm old.

- A few nights ago while I was making breakfast sausage for dinner the husband asked me what was wrong. Me: "Well, I wanted bacon, but we had this sausage that was already opened so I'm making that instead. But now I still want the bacon." The husband: "Why don't you just make both?" Me: "That's why I love you."

- Three-day work weeks. Highly recommend.

- All my TV shows are back for  fall! My DVR is full and happy. And so am I.

- Co-workers planking on my desk while I'm out of town. And documenting it for me. Love!

September 28, 2011

Pinterest Favorites

First, thank you to everyone who prayed for me and Henry yesterday. He is totally fine! And I made it through the appointment with zero tears....even though I did have some flashbacks to the last time I was there. It helped that I requested a different vet and was in a different room. Anyway, Henry's sore tooth fell out a few hours before the appointment and he instantly felt better. I took him in to be checked out anyway. He does have to go back to have his teeth cleaned on Friday, but I'm not worried about it. So thank you all!

Alright, now it's time for Pinteresting Wednesday. I'm linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple...and you should too!

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Love this idea of using a cake plate to display your kitchen soaps. And it's a nice way to keep your counters clean!

Monogram cut out of wood. This would make such a cute shower gift!

Display pretty fabric or paper on and old window. Totally doing this.

Adorable fall wreath! I need to update my wreath asap!

DIY sparkle pears....yes please! I need to do this with pumpkins too. Adding it to my list.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Ampersand necklace. How adorable is that?

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Pretty pretty fall table. I need to get a white pumpkin asap.

Apple pie dip with cinnamon sugar tortilla chips. Say what? I need this NOW!

What are your favorite pins this week?


September 27, 2011

California Lovin'

Sorry about the lack of posting....I've been in California the past few days! I went for a work event, but managed to squeeze in some fun along the way.

The best part of California? Seeing some of my favorite people! As soon as my plane landed I hopped in my rental car and drove out to Fashion Island to meet my friends Erika and Rebecca. I've been friends with these girls since I was 6 years old.

 Erika brought along her 6 week old baby girl MJ. SO precious! Erika is such a great mommy and answered all my baby questions. 

 Rebecca got to love on MJ too....although I did hog her all to myself for most of lunch!

 Can you blame me? Look at that sweet little face! And that headband! I officially have baby fever.

Towards the end of the afternoon we got her to wake up and give us a few smiles. It was so great to finally meet MJ and catch up with old friends. 

I rushed from lunch to my aunt's house for dinner....but didn't take a single picture. Fail.

The next day I had to work all day and then Erin picked me up to do a little shopping and go to dinner. I was nearly in tears the night before trying to navigate down town LA at 10:00 at night by myself, so having Erin pick me up was the best thing ever. Erin is expecting a baby in March, so it was fun to see her little baby bump and catch up!
 We stumbled upon an excited! Here is Erin getting to know a little more about the trees from her homeland. 

 They had tons of cute this adorable apron. 

And this cupcake tea towel. I basically went crazy over all the cute kitchen stuff!

 And this....not really sure what this is. Weiner dog note book?

And fun glasses. 

It was such a quick trip, but really good at the same time. The weirdest part was being in California and not seeing my mom or staying at her house. I decided not to drive by her place because I think it would have been too hard. Luckily I can now see my mom whenever I like...but man, I miss that house. Also weird? Getting upgraded to a suite at the hotel....while staying by myself. Nothing like a huge empty room to yourself to make you feel lonely! I'm lucky that every day I was there was jam packed with friends and family.

On a side note, I could use your prayers today. I have to take our cat, Henry, to the vet. I think he has an infected tooth that needs to be removed. The last time I took a cat to the vet it was one of the worst days ever. Please pray.

September 21, 2011

Love Affair with Pinterest

Happy Wednesday! I think I'm having a love affair with Pinterest. I now have so many things I need to make, cook, or bake...and so little time! Today I'm linking up with Michelle at the Vintage Apple for Pinteresting Wednesday...and you should too!

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I love this DIY tutorial for making a silhouette for your dog. I'm so doing this with Wrigley and putting it up on our gallery wall. Isn't it adorable?

I also love this ruffle pillow tutorial. If only I knew how to sew. A girl can dream right?

This name block set is SO cute...would be such a cute wedding or anniversary gift.

Polka dot clutch? Yes please!

Simple rosette easy to make and such a statement piece!

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I love these mason jars holding different herbs. Decoration meets function...I love it!

This would be so cute for a party....these wire baskets are pretty easy to find at flea markets...I need to pick one up!

Kendi always looks so cute...I love this fall look!

Carmel stuffed apple cider cookies. Say what? Must make these asap!

What are your favorite pins this week?


September 20, 2011

And the Winner is.....

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway sponsored by Embellished Living! The winner of an adorable Monogram Wreath is.....

Congratulations Holly! Look for an e-mail from me today.

Want your own Monogram Wreath? Head on over to Embellished Living's Etsy shop!

September 19, 2011

Missoni Finds and a Reminder


Happy Monday! Just a reminder that today is the last day to enter to win your own monogram wreath from Embellished Living. The sweet girls from Embellished Living were so kind to send me my own "R" wreath...and it is adorable! It is even cuter than I imagined it would be. Thank you Chandra, Jacy, and Stacie! I love it! Want to win your own? Enter HERE.

Okay so I know everyone has already talked about the Missoni for Target line...but I have to share what I bought! I don't think the line was as popular in Michigan as it was in other states, because everything sold out in two days, versus two hours in California and New York. I forgot to head to Target the morning it opened, so I didn't get there until the afternoon. Most of the stuff was already picked over. 

 I thought the makeup bags were so cute. But since I have at least 15 already, I skipped these. I was really tempted to buy the headbands....sort of regretting that I didn't. 

They still had some dresses left...but most of them were XL...and  not really my style.

This was what was left of the home goods....not much.

 I did manage to pick up these shoes that were way cuter in person then they were online. And surprisingly comfortable! I wore them to work the next day and got a lot of complements. 

By the time I got to Target the adorable ballerina flats were all gone. I was SO sad. They were instantly listed on ebay for over $100! Are they crazy? I would never pay that price for flats from Target. Anyway, I decided to try my luck at a smaller, less popular, Target the next day and they had tons of pairs! They are so adorable in person. 

Did you buy anything from the Missoni line?

September 15, 2011

Monogram Wreath Giveaway!

Okay, everyone, I hope you are as excited about this as I am! Remember that gorgeous Monogram Wreath I posted about last week that's been making the rounds on Pinterest? Well, the girls from Embellished Living have generously offered to give one away to one of my readers! 

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Isn't it pretty? The winner will receive one Monogram Wreath in the initial of their choice.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Embellished Living has lots of beautiful wreaths in their Etsy shop right now. I have my eye on this yarn wreath for winter. 

Source: via Julie on Pinterest
Ohhh this one is pretty too!

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I love this one for fall. Seriously so simple yet so gorgeous!

So here's what you have to do to enter to win your own Monogram Wreath: 
(leave a separate comment for each thing you do)

1. Leave a comment here. It's that easy! You do not have to be a follower of my blog to win (although I would LOVE it if you were!)
2. Want 2 bonus entries? Pop on over to Embellished Living's Facebook page and like them. Leave a comment letting them know The Girl in the Red Shoes sent you.
3. Want 5 bonus entries? Blog about this giveaway and link back to me. Remember to leave a comment so I can visit you too!
4. Want an additional 5 bonus entries? See my pretty button on the right? -----> 
Grab it for your page and let me know you did.

If you complete all items that's thirteen chances to win!

Good luck! You have until Monday, September 19th, at midnight EST to enter. I'll announce the winner on Tuesday.

Also, if you do not have a blog, please include your e-mail address in your comment so that I have a way of contacting you.

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