Books and Movies...and Some Winners!

October 31, 2011

Happy Monday everyone! Here's something you might not know about me: I'm a total homebody. I love to spend weekends at home cleaning the house, baking, and snuggling up on the couch watching movies....and that is exactly what we did! I had a crazy busy week at work and just needed some down time. We also spent the weekend NOT dressing up for Halloween...and secretly liked it. Don't judge.

I finished Divergent by Veronica Roth. It was amazing! I absolutely LOVED this book! If you liked The Hunger Games you will love Divergent. The only bad part is that now I have to wait for book 2 to be released some time next year. I hate waiting! I should never read a book series unless all of the books are already published...I'm terribly impatient. But seriously, go read this book!

We rented Captain America and thought it was sort of dumb and over done.

On a whim we also rented Zookeeper. The husband and I agreed we couldn't bear to watch yet another Pirates of the Caribbean movie...which seemed to be the more popular choice around these parts. I fell asleep halfway though this, but what I saw wasn't all that bad! I'm a sucker for animal movies.

And last but not least I rented Beauty and the Beast. I've had the soundtrack songs in my head for over a month and just had to watch it again. And the husband actually watched it with me. You seriously can't go wrong with a Disney classic!

So, now for some winners! Thank you to everyone who entered my Scentsy giveaway!

The grand prize winner of a Plug-in Warmer and Scent Bar of her choice is Jackie Sue from

The three winners of a Scent Circle for their car are:
Samantha from Where I Hang My Hat
Sunni Dae from Pearls and Curls

Congratulations ladies!

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8 Responses to “Books and Movies...and Some Winners!”

  1. We watched Captain America too!! Just last night as a matter of fact! The only super hero movies I've ever liked is the ORIGINAL Superman starring Christopher Reeves!

  2. oh, i LOVE the hunger games. i'll have to pick that book up. but i'm also like you and should probably wait until they all come out. i'll be miserable!

    i have beauty and the beast on my dvr. i have a 2 year old, but that doesnt stop me from watching it alone either. GREAT songs! :)

    ps, i'm SOOOO excited about the scent circle!! yaaaaaay!!

  3. No lie - my boyfriend LOVES beauty and the beast. He knows every word to the movie and every song. It's seriously cute. We went to see the musical last year, and when we got home, we made me watch the Disney movie. Out of control.

    We're homebodies too. And we didn't dress up for Halloween. No judgement here.

  4. ah! beauty and the beast!! its hard to beat a classic disney movie, that's for sure :) and congrats to all the winners!!!!!

  5. Yay, Sam! (That's my cousin) :)
    Don't feel bad about not dressing up, we didn't either. And we also spent on the couch watching movies, including Captain America. I needed a day off of picking up around the house and loved every minute of it.

  6. OH I want to watch Beauty and the Beast! We almost watched Lion King over the really never can go wrong with Disney! We spend our weekend the same way...loved it! :)

  7. Divergent was so good I can't even read other books now... they just seem boring!

  8. I'm so glad you told me about that book- I loved Hunger Games and will have to pick this book up soon!


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