Update on Henry

September 30, 2011

Remember when I said Henry had to get his teeth cleaned? Well that's happening right now. They have to administer anesthesia in order to clean his teeth...which meant no breakfast for Henry this morning. And let me tell you...that was not fun! Please someone tell me how you explain to a cat that yes, I know you are hungry, but no, you may not eat. You may also not eat the dog's food. Or my food for that matter. Traumatizing morning for Henry.

Anyway, the vet quoted me a price for the cleaning and then gave me an additional quote for if they have to remove any of his teeth. The second quote was more than double the first one. I almost fell over. Then he said he'd call me first before removing any teeth.

Well...he called me. Henry needs FIVE teeth removed. FIVE!! Que me panicking. The good news is Henry is already missing several teeth (who knew?) so what's left to be cleaned is minimal. In the end the price is about the same as the first quote. Thank you God.

And now Henry will only have his front teeth (canines and incisors) left. At only five years old, Henry will be an old toothless man. Poor guy just has bad genetics I guess.

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12 Responses to “Update on Henry”

  1. Aww, poor kitty! :( Glad he is ok, though.

  2. Poor little Henry.. 5 teeth ouch! We faced that with Puck too (cats mouths are just so dirty... which is gross to think about). He luckily had a tooth fall out on its own but then the other one we had to get removed. Crazy how much it costs to get them removed b/c they are SO TINY!!

  3. Poor Henry! Hope the removal goes well and that he is home and back to eating soon! Also glad to hear the price won't be too bad. I know how it is. Our dog was having stomach issues and we ended up with a $300 vet bill a week before our wedding when we were trying to purchase all those also minute items. Ugh. So worth it though... anything for the furbabies!

    Happy Friday :)

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  4. henry needs dentures FOR SURE. poor young (old) guy!! but i'm glad he's ok, just toothless ;)

  5. Poor Henry! I wonder if it is time to get Mac's teeth cleaned since he is a year now! How often do you do it for cats?!

  6. Pretty sure even the vet is on the dentists' scheme to take every last penny you have.


    But seriously - poor Henry... that's a lot of teeth to have pulled!!

  7. Oh no! Well, on the bright side (other than not costing double), at least they found it while you were already doing the dental! The most expensive part of surgery is the anesthesia, so it would have cost a lot more if they found it later and had to remove them. Seems like anytime they tell you there is a "possibility" they will have to pull teeth- they always end up doing it. When our little pup got fixed, they said they *might* have to pull some baby teeth- and I told them not unless it was *absolutely necessary*. Yea, they pulled 4 teeth. Sigh. Poor Henry! Poor you! I totally sympathize.

  8. Poor kitty :( let us know how he handles the surgery, I have a cat who is barely a year old and has had teeth problems since we got him at 4 months old. They keep saying maybe teeth pulling is the only option for him :( I feel so terrible though since he's so young.

  9. Oh POOR Henry boy! I feel so bad for him! Gosh, Mr. Whiskers would go NUTS if I didn't feed her day and night...she is such a food-driven maniac. EEK!

  10. oh :( poor, poor kitty :( my cat is traumatized when he goes without food for maybe an hour...gosh, you must have a strong kitty though!

  11. Poor Henry :( makes sure they give you take home pain meds for him. Most vets "forget" that having teeth removed hurts! Get well soon little one!

  12. Yikes!!! So does/will Henry be able to chew any hard food? or maybe he only eats soft as it is?


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