Must have been Bigfoot

July 19, 2011

 The husband has recently become obsessed with the show Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet. I think he watched at least four or five episodes over the weekend. The show is about four researchers on the hunt for Bigfoot. They trek across country and interview witnesses. They even have one of the guys stand in for Bigfoot so the witness can judge the height of the creature they saw. Then they camp out at night and try to get a glimpse of a "squatch". It is hilarious. And of course every piece of "evidence" is totally logical and totally points towards the presence of a sasquatch in the area.

The creature you saw threw rocks? It's a fact that Bigfoots are known for throwing rocks.

The creature you saw was nine feet tall? The average male sasquatch is nine feet tall.

You don't say.

So naturally Bigfoot is now blamed for everything mysterious that happens in our house.

The seat in your car is reclined all the way back? Bigfoot must have taken it for a joyride.

Someone drank the last of the chocolate milk? Must have been a squatch. It's a fact that they love chocolate milk.

Creepy noise coming from the attic? Must be a Bigfoot dancing around.

Wet towels on the bathroom floor? Darn that Bigfoot...always usin' our towels.

You get the picture. Please someone tell me you've seen this show!

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10 Responses to “Must have been Bigfoot”

  1. hahah this is too funny! I'm actually interning at Discovery channel which owns Animal Planet and it is one of their top ranked shows! I think we can all guess which demographic it appeals to the most though!

  2. My man candy likes "Swamp People." I'm telling you, the shows they come up with these days...

  3. this show freaks me out! i think it has to do with the fact that they run around at night, it makes it way creepier. BUT just think if you have a bigfoot in your house it could be JUST like harry & the hendersons!

  4. Ok so living in Pennsylvania, there are people here that BELIEVE in this. It's hysterical, entertaining and just strange to me, but of course I go with it for some entertainment!

    I haven't heard of this show, but now I'm definitely going to have to check it out.

    By the way, before we leave this state I have got to get my hands on a Sasquatch t-shirt. One of our friends has one and it cracks me up every time!

  5. My best friend and I reference the "Squatch" the same way :) Oh the joys of television!

  6. No! Haha, but I would not put it past me for my husband to watch it up his alley! :)

  7. So, I "accidentally" watched a couple episodes of this show as well. :) So terrible. I had to follow it up with a hefty dose of Harry and the Hendersons and all was restored to normal. :)

  8. LOL - I LOVE it!!! I haven't watched the show, but it totally reminds me of all the ghost shows. So I'm supposed to believe that the "evidence" you've found, and all the special effects you have on your show aren't related? I believe in ghosts- i do NOT believe in ghost shows.
    Once I accidentally sideswiped one of those poles at the gas station - I blamed werewolves. But now I'm sure it was Bigfoot.

  9. hahahaha this is hilarious. I've never seen the show either but I LOVE that everything around the house now gets blamed on the sasquatch hahahaha

  10. Hahaha my boyfriend has told me about this show. Sounds interesting, and entertaining!! I always love how once in a while there will be a news story about how someone FINALLY spotted Big Foot. Ha!


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