Oprah Said it Best

May 26, 2011


Did you watch Oprah's final show yesterday? I've always been a big fan of Oprah. Her show comes on before I get home from work so I usually miss it, but I made sure to record her last three shows. I LOVED the two surprise shows that aired Monday and Tuesday. So so so fun, touching, and uplifting. Did you watch?

For her final show yesterday it was just Oprah in her studio talking to the audience. She thanked everyone for allowing her into their lives every day for 25 years. I think she's brought a lot of good into this world.

Oprah has always said that she wanted to change the way people thought about things...and I think she accomplished that goal. Something she said on her final show really struck me. She said to her fans and the audience that she wanted people to know that "I see you, I hear you, and what you say matters to me." How powerful is that? If everyone had that approach in their daily life, at work, or with their families, how different would all of our interactions be? I'm going to make it a new goal to try to see and hear people who I come in contact with...and let them know that what they say matters to me. Join me?

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11 Responses to “Oprah Said it Best”

  1. I teared up a little yesterday! And the way she said that, she makes you believe that she really does care! Love that lady

  2. It's true - everyone has a desire to be seen AND heard. It's a basic human desire too often overlooked.

  3. She's made such an incredible impact on the world. I didn't find her final show to be particularly entertaining, but I agree that her message was good. She's right - people want validation. It was a good reminder for our lives that we can make people feel appreciated just by listening.

  4. I love this, too! She has always said this, and it really struck a chord with me. In fact, I think I'm printing it out and framing it in the nursery!

  5. I was so so sad to watch the final show. There's just nobody like Oprah!!

  6. Very touching. It's all about recognizing the value and dignity of individuals. Everyone want to feel like they matter. In your job, especially, you come in contact with individuals who are needing something from you and you have the opportunity and the heart, to make an impact that may be more significant than you will ever know. At this point in my life (being older and wiser), I find nothing more satisfying than the feedback from others regarding even small impacts that I had on their life. We all want to know that we make a difference.
    Go girl!!

  7. I agree... great last three shows. I thought she said a lot of profound things in her final show. Love Oprah

  8. i didnt get to watch. buuuut i LOVE that message :)

  9. i wasnt able to see it :( but great post thanks for talking about it!

    i just came across your blog. i think its great. i hope you will come visit mine and maybe we can follow eachother!


  10. I watched all 3 days of her finale and loved it all. Her last show was so sad and heartfelt!

    I see you're on pinterest.. want to join in on the linky?


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