Monday Monday

May 16, 2011

Happy Monday everyone. Our weekend flew by...we had tons of fun celebrating our friend, Mo's, birthday. Mo and the husband were roommates in college and have remained best friends ever since.

The birthday boy and his amazing Cold Stone mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. It was delicious. So delicious that the husband had a piece of it for breakfast the next day! And let me please point out that the only pictures I managed to take all night involved cake. It could possibly because I had a few drinks that night or more likely it's just that I love cake. Oops.

In other news we accomplished absolutely nothing all weekend. I waited until Sunday night to do our weekly grocery shopping. Big mistake. They were out of bananas! Who runs out of bananas? Is there a banana shortage that I don't know about? So now I have to go to another grocery store tonight. I hate grocery shopping. I used to love it but now it just seems like it's the chore I hate the most. And it's always crowded at our grocery store...which makes it worse!

Oh and our bathroom remodel starts this week! I still need to pick out the perfect paint color and decide on our shower fixtures. So excited to get the project started!

How was your weekend?

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7 Responses to “Monday Monday”

  1. Can't wait to hear more about your bathroom remodel - so exciting!

  2. That cake looks sooo yummy :)
    Glad you had a fun weekend, good luck on the remodel!

  3. yay for bathroom remodel starting!!! that's ah-mazing!!! oh, and an even bigger yay for cake. . .

  4. haha it's funny you mentioned the banana shortage because I waited until last night to go grocery shopping as well (I normally go early Sunday mornings) and the grocery store I went to was out of bananas too!! I was NOT a happy camper. but I guess that's what I get for waiting!

  5. I couldn't agree more about HATING grocery shopping! I loath it! I am usually stuck doing it by myself due to our work schedules. There is nothing worse in my mind than lugging heavy grocery sacks from the carport and into our apartment.

    Good luck on your remodel!!

  6. That cake looks SO FREAKING AMAZING. I'm so jealous.

    And I refuse to grocery shop on the weekends. It's too horrible!

  7. that cake looks delish

    Just wanted to let you know I am a new follower and I am in love with your blog!!

    I just started one and I would love your opinions :)


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