For My Mom on Mother's Day

May 8, 2011


Dear Mom,

I love that you always told me I was beautiful.

I love that my high school friends shared stories with you that they probably would never tell their own moms.

I love that you told me I was smart and could do anything. 

I love that you spent hours and hours with me shopping for the perfect prom dress.


I love that when I tried out for the cheer team for the first time you sat on pins and needles while I performed and you were just as happy as I was when I made it.

I love that you would ask me a million questions about my day because you wanted to know all the little details. I was probably annoyed at the time but now I find myself doing the same thing to the husband.

I love that you managed to work full time and still made it to all my activities. 


I love that you went with me to check out graduate schools. And when we drove for four hours through corn fields to get to one school you knew immediately why tears were rolling down my cheeks. You didn't bat an eye when I told you I couldn't go through with my interviews there....and suggested we take a road trip to Michigan to check out the school there. Look how that turned out!

I love that you still do things like fold my laundry and buy me groceries.

I love that you were the first person I had to call after the husband asked me to marry him. But you didn't answer your phone because you were back at my apartment with the husband's family waiting to surprise me.


I love that we are both appalled by the Real Housewives shows but we can't stop watching.

I love that we both love decorating and antiquing and could talk for hours about the plans we have for our homes.  

I love that you just get me without explanation.


You are the kind of mom I want to be.

I love you forever and for always.

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9 Responses to “For My Mom on Mother's Day”

  1. this is such a wonderful post!

  2. you are such a wonderful daughter!

  3. Love this post and all the sweet pictures to go along with it. :)

  4. You never post on the weekend and I almost didn't look today!

    I love the sweet baby your were.
    I love the deep voice you had when you were a toddler.
    I love that you (and your friends) shared your teen years with me.
    I love that you were always so affectionate with your pets.
    I love that you were learning from me even when i didn't know it.
    I love that you found a husband that adores you (and he's nice to your mother!)

    I love that you are happy that you have become your mother!!!
    You are the greatest blessing in my life and I have not a single doubt that you will be a wonderful mother some day........LOVE YOU!

  5. awe!! so so so so incredibly sweet!!!

  6. This is so sweet!!! :)

  7. Precious!! I'm sure she absolutely loved this! Gorgeous pictures of you and your sweet mom.


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