Bathroom progress and not much else....

May 23, 2011

Remember when I was complaining about spring taking it's sweet time arriving in Michigan? Well I should have kept my mouth shut. Because it was hot hot hot this weekend. And muggy. My two least favorite weather conditions.

On Friday the husband and I made a bet that if he took Wrigley to the dog park I had to weed the yard the whole time he was gone. Normally I don't do yard work. It's not a strength of mine. But I was so dang tired of the dog park I agreed. I weeded for an hour and 45 minutes....which is a record for me I'm sure. The husband didn't believe I would work the whole time but I proved him wrong. And man was I a hot sticky mess afterward. But the front yard looks awesome now! Pretend you are looking at a photo here....totally forgot to take one.

On Saturday I picked out a bunch of stuff for our bathroom remodel (paint, shower fixtures, mirrors, towel bars etc.) and planted some hard-to-kill flowers on the porch. Again, forgot to take a photo.

I did snap some photos of the bathroom progress however.....

Day 1


Day 3

Other than running to both home depot and lowes three times over the weekend we really didn't do much else. It was hot. So we spent a lot of time trying to keep cool.

At least Wrigley found a cool spot.

How was your weekend?

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5 Responses to “Bathroom progress and not much else....”

  1. that looks more like destruction than progress. . . buuuut i cant wait to see it come along. YAY!!!!

  2. So excited to keep seeing the progress! Glad you were able to get started this weekend.

  3. Yay bathroom remodel progress!!!

    It was hot and muggy here this weekend, too. LAME!

  4. Woohooo for remodeling!! And Muggy and hot is THE worst weather combination ever! Hope it gets cool for you soon!

  5. Poor kitty and pup! They're so hot! It's an all familiar look! Can't wait to see the bathroom all finished!


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