10 Things I Love

May 18, 2011

Leah from Happily Herring tagged me a few weeks ago in 10 Things I Love so I thought now would be a good time to do it! Go check out Leah...she is a super cute newlywed and always has something fun on her blog!
Okay so 10 Things I love...

1. Animals....all kinds really. Obviously if you read my blog you know I have a soft spot for all things fuzzy and lovable.

2. Monograms. Who doesn't love a good monogram? I want to start collecting these "R" letter presses. I have yet to find any that are a good size....but some day!

3. My iphone. I heart my iphone big time...what did I do before it?

4. Red Velvet Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. There are no words for how awesome this cheesecake is. Trust me. I want a piece right now!!!

5. Reading. I love to read and always have a book in my purse. Right now I'm reading Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. So far so good.

6. Mason Jars. I have a pretty good collection of vintage mason jars that I just love. I love the idea of sipping lemonade on a hot day in a pretty mason jar.

7. Singing off key in the car. Yeah...I can't sing. But that doesn't stop me!

8. Organizing. I love love love to organize stuff....my desk, my closet, you name it. This weekend I need to work on a house decorating folder to keep all of my decor ideas and paint samples for each room in our house. And I'm totally excited about it!

 9. When my kitchen is stocked with food and all the laundry is done. Isn't that the best feeling in the world? This usually only happens Sunday nights in our house, but I love it.

10. Chunky Necklaces. Let's be real...any necklaces. I think I wear a necklace at least 6 days per week. I'm sort of obsessed....I get that from my mother. Right now I'm obsessing over this Stella and Dot Colette Necklace.

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16 Responses to “10 Things I Love”

  1. I love organizing too! I need some really good ideas for small spaces... argh. lol

  2. I love mason jars too!! What a great list. Want to come organize my house? I will let you. That is the kind of person I am. :)

  3. i have a weakness for mason jars too! it is kind of a problem ;)

  4. I love chunky necklaces! I have too many, I'm sure--but, they are just such a fun way to dress up an otherwise plain outfit, ya know?

  5. I need to get hip to the chunky necklaces, they look great on you, always! Love all your favorites.

  6. i LOVE it! and i love all your 10 things :) especially #9 and #1 and the one about reading. . .and mason jars (but only ones from canada).

  7. I love my iphone too! haha
    I love your blog. I have a golden retriever too and love to post pictures of her doing random things!

  8. Great list! :) I'm having a dinner party on Memorial Day weekend and I'm planning on serving drinks out of my mason jars!

  9. I just had the red velvet cheesecake and it was amazing! Haha, and yes I also love the feeling of the laundry & grocery completed!

  10. I love your list!!! And that red velvet cheesecake? My mouth is WATERING! It looks incredible!

  11. I love mason jars... & monograms. You can use them both anywhere!


  12. Okay...cheesecake and red velvet...TOGETHER?! Must be heaven! Love your 10 things!

  13. I had been thinking about cheesecake for a few weeks now and BAM you posted this. I love that cheesecake fiercely. Yummmm.

  14. I love mason jars too... and organizing. I hate doing the laundry but when it is done it feels fabulous! Loving your blog!

  15. mmm...red velvet cheesecake sounds divine. and yes, those moments when the kitchen is stocked and the laundry is done feel soooo good!

  16. Red Velvet Cheesecake! Love me some right now. The closest one is in Charlotte. Gah!


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