What's in the bag Wrigley?

April 26, 2011

When your husband is stuck at home with a horrible cold/cough all weekend you decide to stay home with him. You take care of him, make him tea, watch movies, heat up soup, and pick up prescriptions and cold medicine. You know what also happens? You get a little bored. So out of boredom you take way too many photos of your pets. And then decide that your blog readers will love them as much as you do....or maybe just your mom and best friend will love them, who knows?
 Anyway I didn't set this up at all. I swear. Wrigley just started going crazy and attacking this bag. I wish I caught it on video. He kept us entertained, that's for sure. 

 The sick husband had to intervene. 1. Because there were some really pitiful sounds coming from something inside the bag and 2. My laughing and photo snapping wasn't helping...at all.

 What's in there Wrigley? Why is that bag growling at you?

 Ah ha! Pancake. He was a little mad at me for not coming to his rescue. Serves him right though.

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15 Responses to “What's in the bag Wrigley?”

  1. Love it! :) So cute. Your pets are very unique! :)

  2. Anytime Wrigley is in a post it makes it wonderful! (I may be biased though since Miley often makes an appearance in mine as well).
    Hope everyone is back to feeling 100% today!

  3. Too cute! The Cake was my first thought when I saw the title of the entry!

  4. video. video. video. video!!!! SO CUTE. i love how w was totally into it trying to get the bag. poor pancake!! i love it!!!!

  5. Haha! I'm pretty sure I enjoy all of the pictures you post of Wrigley as much as you and your momma. :)

  6. Your cat looks P'Oed... LOL... poor Wrigley... He has no idea how much his presence irriatates P.

  7. Aww poor pancake! Pancake should have whacked Wrigley, he would have thought twice about looking in bags.

  8. I love this! :) So funny!!

  9. Love it! I am enamored with your Wrigley posts because my husband and I are thinking about getting a golden. We have a border collie and he needs a sibling so we have an appointment to "meet" a rescued golden tomorrow. Can't wait!

  10. That must have been entertaining. I love that Jon had to stop it, because you were laughing and taking pictures.

  11. This is too cute!! Poor Pancake! :)


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