Chicken pox will be the death of me....

April 20, 2011

Sorry I've been a bad blogger lately. With the weather being crummy and the husband sick, I just haven't had anything exciting to write about. So let's talk about the time I passed out in the doctor's office, okay?

It all starts with the chicken pox. I am one of those "lucky" people who have never had the awful pox. My mom tried to expose me to it when I was little, but it just didn't take. Yay strong immune system!

So, when I was 12 or so I had the chicken pox vaccine. I don't like needles. At all. So it was awful. But better than actually getting the actual chicken pox, right????

Cut to when I'm 18 and decide to work the summer before college at a hospital. (That's a whole post in itself. Worst job ever.) Anyway, if you work at a hospital they check you out to make sure you're, you know, healthy and all. Turns out I was NOT immune to chicken pox. The vaccine didn't take. So, I had to get the vaccine again. Great.

Now, it's almost been 10 years since I've had the vaccine. And I haven't been tested again to see if it actually worked. So basically I live in fear of the chicken pox. My mom, being a nurse and all, suggested that I ask my doctor about it...since apparently if you get chicken pox while pregnant (I'm not!!!) it is really dangerous. So since I'm being responsible and thinking ahead about my future children I ask my doctor. And she says, "Good question! How about we draw your blood and find out!" Really, she said it just like that. All excited and all. So she calls in a nurse to draw my blood. Now, remember how I don't like needles? I forgot to mention that last time my blood was drawn, 10 years ago, I also passed out. But I was young and scared and totally worked my self up about it. Not this time. I felt fine with it, not scared at all, and knew if I just didn't look at the needle I would be fine. I joked with the nurse about my passing out history and she just laughed and said I would be fine.

And that's the last thing I remember.

When I came to I was being held up by my doctor. My head was literally spinning. My first thought was, how on earth did I fall asleep at the doctor's office?!! How embarrassing! So naturally I started to apologize for taking a nap in the exam room. I mean, who does that? But then they told me the truth....I didn't fall asleep, I passed out. The nurse brought me some juice, which I swear was the best juice in the entire world. She told me I was talking to her and then I just slumped over in my chair and she had to call the doctor to help "revive" me! Ha! Oops.

Want to know the worst part? She didn't even get the blood sample. Dang it!

So I'm now 2 for 2. And still don't know if I'm immune to the stupid chicken pox or not! My doctor told me I could actually just ask to have the vaccine again and avoid all this blood sample drama, which is probably what I'll end up doing.

Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me???

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19 Responses to “Chicken pox will be the death of me....”

  1. What an awful trip to the doctor's office! I'm a nurse in the ER. Next time ask to lie down on the exam table when they draw the blood:)

  2. I don't have it with blood draws, but with muscle relaxers and pain meds. I have low blood pressure to begin with and taking those (which I rarely take because of fainting and because I try not to take pills) makes me faint. Like, can't make it from one room to another walking faint. It's awesome. ha

  3. Oh my goodness sounds awful!! I'm happy you were taking the initiative and finding these things out but having to find out by passing out just doesn't seem worth it!
    I'm deathly afraid of needles as well...I don't full on pass out but I turn as white as a ghost and the poor nurse always looks at me like "grrrreat, another one of THESE needle-fearing-people" haha
    Hope whatever you decide to do doesn't result in another spell!!

  4. Oh no!! I am SUPER afraid of needles, too! I've never actually passed out though, thank goodness.

  5. OMG Julie, I have that same exact problem! I've passed out in the doctor's office twice so far! And I also passed out in a blood mobile in high school, waiting to give blood. It's SO embarrassing! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!
    Sorry you had such a bad trip to the doctor's office!

  6. My friend Kayla has the same problem. Whenever she goes to the doctor, she passes out.

    I make them cover the needle, because I HATE needles, too. And I refuse to look at it while they are doing the insertion.

  7. oh, my!!! you poor thing! I know I don't really like needles either. This last year, I had to have blood drawn, and I did pass out. That was mostly because I was sick already and hadn't eaten for like 5 fun! anyhow, I've never gotten the chicken poxs either, and I've had the vaccination. I guess maybe I should check into it and see if mine actually worked. That really stinks that after all that you still are left not knowing!

  8. My brother has had the chicken pox three times.... and the vaccine.

  9. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. How frustrating. Your body should be thankful you are trying to go through the necessary steps and giving blood and not let you pass out!

  10. I had the chickenpox when I was little, so I can't say I know what you're going through, but that sucks! EEK! :) I vote for getting the vaccine again just in case!

  11. I had a really bad case of the chicken pox when I was in kindergarten, but when my husband & I started doing our mandatory blood work before we could begin fertility treatments we discovered that I was not immune to chicken pox. I had to get the vaccine and when I was re-tested it showed that I had immunity, thankfully! I didn't even know you could become "un-immune" to it until then.

    If you do the the vaccine, they told me that I would have to be re-tested in 90 days to check for immunity because some people require a 2nd dose.

    I have passed out twice and it's such a weird feeling when you wake up!

  12. OH NO!!! That's really funny and horrible at the same time! I'm so sorry friend!
    And don't worry....I HATE needles/getting blood drawn just as much and I have actually gotten used to it over the last 6 months of being preggers. Just find a great lab where you get to know the people and it becomes second nature. I PROMISE....seriously, I used to cry.
    Good luck with that shot! :)


  13. Oh no! I vote just get the vaccine and be done! But, when you do get pregnant, they draw blood! :/

  14. I got the pox at age 12 had THE WORST CASE EVER. I guess cause I was kinda "old" to have them? I had them in my eyes and ears and mouth - it was awful. Horrible.

    I'd get the vaccine again if I were you!

  15. Oh my goodness....I've never had the pox!!! I never met somebody else that hasn't had it. My mom is a teacher and she literally brought me in a couple of times that one of her students had the pox (it was too late to send them home bc they already exposed the class)...and I still never got it!

    I just heard I need to get revaccinated because the vaccination is only going for 15 years or something. Whew...

  16. Oh how awful!! What a visit to the doctor...

  17. aw what a sad ending. I had the same thing with my mother trying to give me chicken pox but it didn't work (why do mothers even do that?) and I had to get the shot. ugh it is horrible and I just had to get a booster last year.

  18. I've had the chicken pox twice, and both times in the summer. You know what's super fun when you're seven years old? Being cooped up inside with pox and a fever while your friends are at the beach. It's even more fun when you're 8. Ughhh.

    I don't pass out when I've had blood drawn, but, a few weeks ago, I had to have some bloodwork done, and the effing nurse sticks the needle in, then goes "Oh! The vein moved!" and proceeded to poke around LOOKING FOR IT. No, it didn't move, you just got in wrong. Needless to say, I had a lovely bruise for several days. And am traumatized by that nurse.

  19. Ok that is awful! You poor thing! I tend to pass out when I get too hot...haven't done it in FOREVER though and it just happened the other my own house...while we were entertaining guests! It's the worst feeling ever! :( I hope you get to the bottom of your chicken pox mystery soon! :)


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