Go to the mattresses....and other random happenings

March 21, 2011

I guess "go to the mattresses" means I'm ready for a war. But really I'm not. Unless it's a war against these mattresses because I would be so all over that.

A few months ago my mom was up here visiting and we stumbled upon a great deal on queen sized mattresses at Costco. So she snatched two of them up for her new lake house. They've been living in our basement ever since. And they were starting to bug me. Mom is coming to visit next week and really wanted the mattresses taken up to her lake house. She was fretting about it.

So the husband and I rented a trailer and loaded those bad boys up. Man, they were heavy! But I was so glad to see them go.

The snow had finally melted at the lake so we ventured out into the back yard. We can't wait to fix it up and spend some long weekends out there!
In other news we finally ventured out to the Apple store to use a gift card we had from recycling our old macbook. We each got a new iPod shuffle to replace our two slowly dying iPod nanos. These are perfect for the gym because they are so lightweight. Guess which one is mine!

As a side note, why is the Apple store always so busy? We arrived right when it opened and there was a line to get in! Everyone chose that day to buy their iPad I guess?

How was your weekend?

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10 Responses to “Go to the mattresses....and other random happenings”

  1. I didn't know apple gave us little folk anything in return for "recycling" their products? I have 2 old I pod nanos that have kicked the bucket...so If i brought them in they'd give me something for it? or did you have to buy something else to get the gift card..

  2. I have wondered the SAME thing about the Apple Store. It's truly amazing. The whole brand has been revitalized.

  3. Hope you have a great week girl!

  4. the apple store is a MESS! but yay for a shuffle-- so incredibly perfect for the gym!!

  5. I wonder the same thing about the apple store...always crazy and never enough people to help customers! :)

  6. Marsh and I have pink and blue shuffles like that! I love them, they were a gift from our wedding. Oh, and by the way, we started Dexter Season 4 this weekend - INSANE!!

  7. It's hard to believe the economy is in trouble when ipads are selling like hotcakes and the apple store is always jam packed!! haha I love your new shuffle!

  8. Love your pink iPod! And you're right - the Apple store is ALWAYS busy. Hard to believe there's a recession when you walk in there.

  9. Thanks for moving the mattresses....now I can find other things to fret about! The husband got some good practice pulling a trailer and backing up, etc....never know when he may need to pull a boat or something!

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