Baby it's cold inside....

March 3, 2011

 What is worse than it being 15 degrees outside? Well.....having no heat inside! We woke up this morning and it was freezing cold in our room. I went down stairs to turn up the heat and discovered it was 57 degrees! Brrrr! We never set it lower than 62 so I knew something was up. I turned up the heat and nothing happened. The husband reset the furnace twice and still nothing.

So now I'm stuck at home waiting for the furnace repair man...and needless to say I'm so so so cold! I hope he gets here quickly and is able to fix this. Because not having heat is NO FUN. 

I hope your day got off to a better start than mine did!

p.s. the repair guy just pulled up our driveway! Yay!

****Edited to add: $360 later we are back in business!

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13 Responses to “Baby it's cold inside....”

  1. ahh! have him fix it--otherwise you guys will be wearing parkas to bed :)

  2. annnnnd i was officially signed into google as "mike". oops!

  3. Oh my gosh!! YIKES! I hope they are able to fix it soon. Icky, ick!

  4. I hope they can fix it soon!!!!

  5. i hope you snuggled with your pooch!! he looks very warm! haha glad you got it fixed! no heat suckkkks!


  6. Oh how awful! My Dad's furnace actually broke this week as well! I'm hoping I won't know more than 2 people that this happens to!
    Hope he fixes it quick!

  7. Yikes! That's not good at all! I think Wrigley likes the snow though. ;)

  8. Ahh I couldn't even imagine! I absolutely hate being cold!

  9. Oh no! No heat with freezing temps is no fun! Glad he was able to fix it, even though it was pricey!! P.S. I love that picture of your pooch!!

  10. Ohhh BURRRR! You poor thing. That big bill can't feel good either. Sorry about the bummer day.

  11. Oh dear. That is horrible. I don't think I could ever live where it is cold all the time. I like being deep down south!

  12. I just found your blog and became your newest follower! :) Love your blog!


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