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February 7, 2011

Did you watch the Super Bowl? I had to ask my husband how to spell it just it one word or two? He says it's two...and it's capitalized. Geeze. Needless to say I am not much of a football fan. Last night I made dinner and then sort of half-heartedly watched the game with the husband. I didn't last very long. Why are football games so long? And why is the Super Bowl on so late for the East Coast? I was in bed before it ended.

I just asked the husband what I should blog about today. Here's what he said: "the movie we saw this weekend,  Jersey Shore, and the Darth Vader commercial." Nice list right?

So here it goes.

On Saturday we went with some friends to see True Grit. I kind of loved it. The acting was really good and the dialogue was fantastic. Go see this movie. But try to leave the theater about 2 minutes before the movie is over. I hated the ending. 

  Okay, so Jersey Shore. I had absolutely no desire to ever watch this show. It just looked dumb. But oh. my. word. It is incredibly dumb. Yet oddly addicting. I watched a few episodes on Sunday and I couldn't pull myself away from the TV. Even the husband got wrapped up in the drama and craziness and Gym Tan Laundry. I'm embarrassed to admit this but I think Pauly is my favorite. So ridiculous.

Do you watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials? I didn't catch all of the commercials, but there was one that the husband had to re-wind not once, but twice. And then re-watched it again this morning. We just couldn't get enough. It's a commercial for Volkswagen Passat featuring a mini Darth Vader. Hands down our favorite one of the night!

After the third time of watching it the husband said that if we ever have a son we will have to get him a Darth Vader costume for Halloween. I couldn't agree more.

So how was your weekend? Any good commercials that I missed?

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13 Responses to “Super Super”

  1. I didn't care for either team this year, so I watched just for the commercials too! The darth vader commercial was without a doubt the best- I liked the e-trade baby milkaholic lindsay lohan one too-
    thanks for your comment! :)

  2. We fell asleep during the game at a superbowl party. No joke. I liked the House commercial... and hated the doritos commericals.

    I could not get on board with Jersey Shore. My boyfriend is oddly into it. I.can'

  3. I loved that commercial too! It was one of the few I actually saw. I was in bed before it was over too!!

  4. pretty sure i watched social network during the first 3 quarters and then patiently awaited the new episode of glee to come on. Falling asleep early means you missed the BEST SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL- seriously. its for chevy- has the cast of glee in it. BOOM. done. and jersey shore. ive been addicted since episode 1, season 1. its ah-mazingly stupid and i love every minute of it.

  5. The VW commercial was my favorite! I didn't really care that much about the game. I just ate way too much and gossiped with my girlfriends, it was fun!

  6. Also, stop by my blog today. I gave you an award because I think you are fabulous!

  7. Loved True Grit.

    Didn't watch much of the Super Bowl, just the last quarter. We were wondering the same thing--why is it so late?! We live in Dallas, but, still, it was 9PM by the time it ended. I feel like it should be an afternoon thing. Clearly, the NFL is really concerned about what I think.

    Didn't see the Darth Vader commercial until this morning and loved it! Too cute. There were some commercials I liked, but, I can't think of them now--obviously that's great advertising, huh?

  8. That was my favorite ad too- I spaced out during a lot of the other ads but I just loved this one. I'm a VW driver too so I'm a bit biased :)
    New reader here!

  9. Loved True Grit...

    That commercial was so cute :)

  10. that commercial was hands down my favorite too! Of course, I'm a VW driver so I am a little partial too ;) I agree about the Jersey Shore too! They are/act so dumb! But the show is addicting! Happy Monday!


  11. Loved that movie! Love Jersey Shore! Thought that commercial was adorable!!

    I ask the fiance what I should blog about all the time too. LOL Too funny!

  12. I love Jersey Shore, and I have to admit, Pauly is my favorite too. Love it! :)

  13. Karah (Connie's Co-Op)February 08, 2011

    i love jersey shore!


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