Snow Day!!!

February 2, 2011

We got our snow day today! I am so excited. Now don't get me wrong, we get tons of snow in Michigan. But we hardly ever shut down. We just deal with it. Or in my case, suffer through it. But not today! Today we are staying inside, sipping hot chocolate and watching movies.

We got over a foot of snow last night! I couldn't even open our slider on to the deck....there was so much snow. And it's still coming down!

So far I've had two days off this week.....I could get used to this!

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12 Responses to “Snow Day!!!”

  1. Oh my much snow !

    Somebody doesn't look to happy about it...haha!

  2. Oh my gosh! Look at all of that snow!! Enjoy your snow day!

  3. Wow! That is quite a bit of snow! I am off because of the ice here. Hot chocolate is in my near future as well :)

  4. We only got about 2.5 inches of ice and no real snow (actually, it's snowing right now). Anyways, I'm rocking the 2 hour delay right now. Crossing my fingers for a snow day!

  5. That is a ton of snow. Glad you spent the day relaxing. The pups has the "that not good" look, so cute.

  6. oh my goodness! That is a lot of snow! I know how you feel we've had a lot in NY too and we've come to just deal with it! I seriously love your dog! TOO CUTE!!!

  7. Haha, aww the poor guy! Such cute pictures. Have a relaxing snow day. Wish it would make it up to the U.P.

  8. Yeah your snow prayers worked!! haha enjoy your snow day, so jealous that you get to stay inside drink hot chocolate and watch movies!!

  9. oh my goodness, i cannot even imagine what i'd do if we got that much snow in charleston! and i think that every comment is now going to end in "i'm obsessed with your dog." :)

  10. You just reminded me that i'm out of hot chocolate -- and totally forgot to get it at the grocery store today! yikes! drink some for me! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  11. That's a lot of snow........Wrigley looks like he wants to go out to play! I'm glad you got the day off.


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