The's all about the dresses

February 28, 2011

I made the husband watch the Oscars with me. Well, at least the first hour of it before we went to bed. I told him it was like the Superbowl for women. We have to watch it.

I really liked Anne Hathaway and James Franco's movie clip intro using Inception. I thought it was really cute. 

But lets be real. I really only wanted to see what the stars were wearing. Isn't that why we really watch?

 I think Reese was my favorite. Simple and elegant.

Of course I loved all of the red too! Anne looked really beautiful in this dress.  

And I LOVED Jennifer Hudson's red dress. The color was really pretty although it looks orange in this photo. She looked amazing and totally rocked that dress. 

Oh Sandra. I always love you. You can do no wrong.
 I thought Hailee Steinfeld looked gorgeous and age appropriate. I loved her in True Grit.

 And although it was different from what I would normally like,  I thought Mila Kunis looked really pretty this lavender number. 

And I loved Hilary Swank's girly and fun.

What dresses did you love? I didn't really care for Natalie Portman's dress even though everyone seemed to love it. I thought her earrings were awful.

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10 Responses to “The's all about the dresses”

  1. Ms Celine Dion shut it down in her little number. I loved her entire look!!

  2. I didn't watch the Oscars but I did watch the Red carpet. I think Mila's dress was my favorite of the night. She just wore it so well.
    I also did a post like this. It's a fashion statement night :)
    I read online that Hailee helped make her dress for the night!

  3. I always love Reese's choices and I thought Ms. Hudson looked amazing as well. I do have to say that I thought the pre-Oscar red carpet interviews were awkward - I had to mute it halfway through!

  4. I liked Natalie Portman's dress because I looooove that color (it looks great on us redheads!), but, I felt like her hair needed a little somethin' extra.

    And my goodness, isn't Hailee Steinfeld just the cutest thing ever?! Love her.

  5. My favorites were Annette Bening, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchette, but I thought Mila Kunis and Hillary Swank looked great too. Hailee Steinfeld was precious - what a sweet girl!

    I usually love Reese but I wasn't a fan this year. Her hair reminded me of something she wore in Legally Blonde and the dress wasn't anything special to me. (However, that's totally the type of dress I'd wear if I had to go on the Red Carpet. But if I had Reese's body - I'd go for something more exciting!)

  6. I would wear the crap out of mila's dress! omg that was my favorite from the red carpet this entire season! <3

    all the dresses you picked are gorgeous too-- how fun would it be to play dress up with these?

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  7. I love Mila's dress although I'm partial to all the red dresses. :) I'm not totally sold on Sandra's dress but the chick behind her has on a terrible number.

  8. Reese's dress was my favorite. I did like Halle Berry's dress it just looked like it would be fun to wear.
    Did you notice that Nichole Kidman had on red shoes?

  9. I loved Mila's dress, she looked great! The lavander was such a pretty color on her.


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