I'm totally going to be THAT mom

February 11, 2011

I'm totally going to be that mom that gets upset when her child gets an A- on his/her report card. A-, why isn't it an A+????

This is Wrigley's "report card" from doggie daycare yesterday. He always gets "Good". But not yesterday. Yesterday he got "Fair" for Playfulness. Say what? I have the most playful dog ever. What happened?

The comment says "Wrigley had a great day with the other dogs and loved getting attention from me! We hope to see him again!" Sounds playful enough to me, right? I think maybe Wrigley had a crush on his teacher and played with her more than the other dogs.

Yet it totally bugs me that he didn't get all "Good"check marks. Stupid doggie daycare.

P.S. Who else is dying over the name on the card? Wrigley R. Like he's a real person. Ha!

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15 Responses to “I'm totally going to be THAT mom”

  1. Too Cute! Loving the Wrigly R. -- All of my dogs have first, middle and last names. I always get a kick when we get the postcard from the vet reminding us for their visits complete with their full names.
    Molly Belle B.
    Pekoe Marie B.

    Too cute. Hope Wrigly gets a Good for playfulness next time he's at doggy daycare.

    I'm a new follower!


  2. Haha that is TOO funny! I had many a teacher that would never give an A+ to any student, so maybe that's just how they were that day :) I'm sure he deserved one. And I'm totally going to be that Momma too!

  3. Hahaha that is so cute! For my dog they have a "Friends while here" and "frenemies" section where they write the name of a dog that didn't get along with him and what kind of dog it was haha! She's never had a "Frenemy" but I laugh at it every time we go to pick her up. Hope you have a good friday! Virginia

  4. you'd better talk to him about playfulness. maybe he was TOO playful during nap time, and got all the other doggies riled up too and they had a mutiny on the office staff. . . that's the only reason i could see him getting fair! i love the report card, so SO cute!!

  5. That is adorable. I have never seen a report card given. :)

  6. What?! I don't even know what to make of this.


  7. That is too cute. My 6-year old niece & I both have a dog named Dixie so she refers to them "Dixie C." and "Dixie M.", which I think is just totally adorable! Reminds me of first grade when there were 2Jessica's in my class so we had to use our last initials on all of our papers!

  8. OMG, I am super jealous that your doggie daycare provides a daily report card of your dog's behavior. Although, I think that one of ours would receive bad marks. She's a little rough and spends a lot of time in time out which makes me think one of our future children may spend a lot of time in detention. Eekk!! Cute blog!


  9. haha that is hilarious, but girl I would think THE EXACT SAME THING!! Our poor children

  10. Thats so cute. Its ok if Wrigley likes his human friends better than the furry ones :) I think he deserved all A=++

  11. Am I the only one who thinks "the crate escape" is a great name for doggie day care? No question he was smitten with his teacher and that distracted him from all the potential playmates........and of course you will so be one of "those" mothers! It's genetic.....think of your mom and her mom!!! You can't go against nature!

    PS I always loved seeing "Julie V" on your school papers!

  12. Ha, my dog would have definitely gotten the *See Below box checked and then a description of how he was a bully.

  13. I wish I could take Lilly to daycare, B wont have it so I hired a dog sitter to come over for an hour told him it was one or the other! LOL Love the "R". Super cute they hand out cards. Cass


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