The Great Snow Day of 2011

February 3, 2011

Well, friends we absolutely loved our snow day yesterday! We didn't go anywhere or do anything. It was wonderful. I think we got about 14-16 inches of snow so basically the entire city pretty much shut down.

There are two not-so-fun things about snow days, however. The first not-so-fun thing is shoveling. The husband and I, along with our teenage neighbor, shoveled our driveway for a little over an hour. Oh. My. Word. Shoveling is tough! I think this was the first time I really had to shovel a lot of snow. And let's just say I no longer feel guilty about not hitting the gym yesterday. It was a workout!

The other not-so-fun thing about being shut inside is hyper puppies. 
With no walks and no trips to the dog park Wrigley started going a little stir-crazy.

So we let him romp around in the snow while we shoveled. Our neighbor's dog came over to play for a little while too. I love his little snow beard in this picture! He could play out there for hours!

Massive amounts of snow.

Our driving for us!

Poor Pancake had to stay inside...the snow was taller than him!

After our "workout" we enjoyed some nice yummy hot chocolate. Can we have a snow day every week????

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13 Responses to “The Great Snow Day of 2011”

  1. I think the only think I liked about snow as the work out from shoveling it. Ha..sad right? yep. Other than that, can't say I miss it!

  2. I love the first pic you posted! Your doggie is so cute!

  3. love your house! gorgeous! your pup is so cute!! my dog loves the snow too!

  4. OMG!! Your street is covered!! Hope you're staying warm and safe out there :)

    Love the little snow beard, so cute!

  5. i feel your shoveling pain. . mammoth 20 FEET of snow in one week this winter. and guess who got to shovel the decks. It has perhaps given me extremely ah-mazing biceps. i LOVE that you got a snow day. . i want a snow day too. seriously. NO FUN.

  6. How fun! Mmm, that hot chocolate looks so good right now!

  7. I can't believe all that snow, oh my goodness!!

  8. Can we discuss how darling your house is??! Seriously! So, so pretty.

    And Wrigley with his snow bead is hilarious!

    We're under a bunch of ice down here and we can drive, but, it's slow goin' and very few places are open. I have major cabin fever!

  9. You guys need a snow blower! Shoveling is no fun at all. Love the pics with Wrigley.

  10. You all got a lot of snow!! I love Wrigley's snow beard is pretty precious. I like the "love" mug too!

  11. That is a TON of snow! Love the snow beard. I could just eat him up hes so precious!

  12. I left something for you on my blog :)



  13. Ahhhh, I would just LOVE to have that much snow!! Seriously!! Wrigley is so cute all covered in snow! Hyper puppies is definitely not fun when you can't go outside!!


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