What I've been obsessing over lately....

January 20, 2011

Ever find something you love and you can't stop obsessing over it. Well, I do that all the time.
Like Dexter. On Tuesday I shared that it is my new favorite show. I've finished season one and now can't wait to see season two!
My mom said that she sees them filming the Dexter all the time. She lives in California....so Miami it is not.

Lately I've also been obsessed with animal crackers. You heard me right. The little animal shaped crackers that toddlers eat. I.LOVE.THEM. Can't get enough. And I like the Target brand the best. I almost cried the other day when the husband started packing some of my animal crackers in his lunch. What is he doing stealing my snack? Who does he think he is?

 Stash's double spice chai black tea is my absolute favorite tea. I have a cup of it with honey every morning at work. Sometimes more than one cup...it's that good.

I've also recently decided that I need these wire locker baskets. They would be the perfect addition to basically any room in my house. I'm officially on the hunt for the perfect baskets.

I've been obsessing over this clutch from Express for a few weeks now. I always carry a huge purse and never a clutch, but it just screams Julie, doesn't it? Maybe I can talk my mom into making a similar one for me? (Mom, get a new sewing machine asap! There are way too many projects I need you to work on!)

Speaking of my mom, she's out here visiting me and spoiling me. I heart her.

What are you obsessing over today?

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13 Responses to “What I've been obsessing over lately....”

  1. Maybe mom should just buy you the clutch!!

  2. I love your list ! I'm addicted to animal crackers, too. My all-time favorite are a kind called "Z'animos" by Cadbury. I don't think they exist in the US. It's a shame. They're SO good.
    Oh, and I'm a big Chai tea fan, too. I even got my non-tea drinker husband addicted. His favorite is the Kusmi Chai tea.

  3. that clutch is 100% you! i heart it majorly. and those basket i'm lusting over too! and animal crackers. . . although the ones with icing and sprinkles always make me sick (because i eat like 5 million at a time!

  4. Love everything on this list! =)

    right now i'm obsesssing over spring and the return of cadbury cream eggs into my life. haha!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  5. Awesome list. I have been hooked on the icing animal crackers for years. We just started getting into Dexter as well. We are on the third season and are hookes!

  6. Ok, that clutch?! I LOVE. And I'm a huge big ol' purse kinda gal. Totally you. You totally need it.

    Also? The Target brand animal crackers? Totally my crack. I must have a bag in my desk at work at all times.

  7. Jon & I also love animal crackers so I guess that's why our son stole yours and
    packed them in his lunch. I'm feeling you will soon be the proud owner of that cute clutch (since your Mom is in town)
    Hi Bev are you enjoying our MI weather?

  8. I've been eying that clutch, too! But sometimes I think Express is too overpriced. Had to laugh at your comment about your husband stealing your animal crackers..I have to hide my favorite treats from my boyfriend, too! Glad I'm not the only one. :)

  9. Great list. Those baskets are darling. I hope you find them!

  10. I love that Spice Chai tea, too! And yes, I hate it when the significant other feels entitled to steal snacks! I have "home" snacks (the big packages of cookies) and "school" snacks (the individually wrapped packages, which are WAY more expensive). My ex-fiance used to make me so mad when he would eat the "school" snacks. I was all, "THERE IS THE EXACT SAME SNACK IN THE NON SNACK-SIZED PACKAGING!" He didn't get it.

  11. I love dexter too. funny I just blogged about it today too. Wait til you get to the 5th season, it just gets crazier. and those baskets are adorable. love them

  12. I LOVE animal crackers myself! I've got to see this Dexter show. I've heard a lot about it!

  13. Thanks to this post, I started Dexter last night. Love!


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