The weekend is over...and other not so exciting stuff

January 17, 2011

Good morning everyone! Today in Michigan it is a chilly 14 degrees...I hope it's warmer where you are!

This weekend we got a ton of snow, so we spent a lot of time indoors sipping hot chocolate and watching movies. I love weekends like that. We rented The Social Network.....I thought it was good but the husband thought it was way too long and boring. It was sort of long, but still interesting. I wonder how much of it is true? I remember when we first got facebook in was such a big deal and within a matter of a few days everyone was on it.

In other not so exciting news, Pancake begged and begged to be let out on our deck. Two seconds later he was singing a different tune.
A little bit colder than he had anticipated.

I enjoyed capturing his suffering. I think Wrigley liked it too.

Don't worry, I let him in...eventually.

So, how was your weekend?

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13 Responses to “The weekend is over...and other not so exciting stuff”

  1. 14 degrees - Brrr! Sounds like the perfect weekend to stay inside and watch movies.

    I loved The Social Network. As I watched, I also wondered how much was true. I must be a few years older than you because I was in law school when The Facebook came out. Everyone joined so I did too but most of my friends had graduated so they had no idea what it was. They eventually jumped on the bandwagon like everyone else. Well, except my husband who might be the last person on earth without a Facebook account. :)

  2. It is my understanding that the vast majority of Social Network is true.

    We haven't seen it yet, but it's on our list of things to see in the very near future.

  3. The Social Network won a ton of awards last night on the Golden Globes which is kinda a big deal!!! !I was shocked! The owner maker of FB Mark Zuckerburg however you spell his name, he was even there, sitting at the table with the cast and crew that made his life into well a movie. They say he was around the time it was filmed to make sure it was accurately depicted...

  4. Loved the social network! And your pictures of Pancake are hilarious! too cute! Stay warm in Michigan!

  5. Pancake is just too cute, and that is hilarious that you took pics of him outside screaming to come back in!

  6. I love your cats name. They are so high maintainence. lol. We have two, but I love them to pieces

  7. I love your cats name. They are so high maintainence. lol. We have two, but I love them to pieces

  8. Pancake is adorable. My kitty Evie didn't like it once she was out in it either.
    I also watched the social network this weekend. I agree more on your husbands side, too long and draw out. In an interview they asked the real guy how much like the real story the movie plot was and his reply was something along the lines of they had to make it seem so hollywood.

  9. I love this! That cat does NOT look happy... but the dog sure does! LOL

  10. It hasn't been much warmer here in the Chicago area. In fact, I think it may have been a few degrees colder. But who are we kidding? Cold is COLD! Glad to hear your review on The Social Network. I was thinking about renting it, but my boyfriend wasn't thrilled. Glad to hear it should probably be something I watch on my own. :)

  11.'ve found a way to get Pancake to exercise! And to stretch, too! Not to mention that he is providing entertainment for Wrigley!

  12. omg. i DIE over pancake!!! so so SO CUTE! and i'm dying to see social network--basically because i'm obsessed with facebook!

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