The one where we wear matching hats

January 24, 2011

My mom came out this weekend for a little visit. She lives in California (where I grew up!) and it is always fun to have her out here with me, even if it is only for a few days. I did feel a little bad for her was 75 degrees in California and -6 in Michigan! Yikes. We were so cold all weekend. Our hair even froze when we took Wrigley for a walk.

We were so cold that we had to buy matching pom pom hats. Because we're cute like that. 

The main reason my mom was out here (other than to spend time with me!) was to show us her new lake cottage! She closed on it the very end of December but we weren't able to see it when she was out here for Christmas. The lake it's on is about an hour from our house. We are SO excited to have a lake house to enjoy during the summer!

It needs some work...but we love projects! Here is what you see when you walk through the front door. 

View of the great room. The lake is to the left and the front door is to the right. Perfect for entertaining. And that ugly brown wall has to go asap. She already had a painter come and give her an estimate for painting the great room, kitchen, and dinning room.

Wrigley absolutely loved the house. He was ready to move in. 

The kitchen has a huge island and tons of storage. I'm jealous. The plan is to eventually paint the cabinets white and update the appliances. 

View of the kitchen from the great room. 

Kitchen and dining room. We have nothing against the color green but plan to paint this area Benjamin Moore's Pawnee (beige/light tan). The goal for this house is to make it feel like a cottage and use lots of soft colors and white. Oh and that horrible light fixture will also be replaced.

View of the lake! It's frozen!

Master bedroom with a door out to the deck and view of the lake. Perfect.

Large master bath....needs some updating but is in pretty good condition.

There are also two more bedrooms and one more bathroom. We are so excited to get to work on this place and go furniture shopping!
Wrigley loved the deep snow and huge yard. He didn't want to leave.

I'll be sure to share our progress on the lake cottage.
The husband has already said he wants to go there every weekend this summer....we'll see how that goes!

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15 Responses to “The one where we wear matching hats”

  1. Aw how fun!! It's always nice to have a vacation home somewhere in the family! Wrigley is precious!! Love the one of him crouched down in the snow!

    -6? Geez...

    PS-what do you use to curl your hair? Rollers? Curling iron?! Spill! I need help! ;)

  2. Did you have to wear your hats on in your house even with your heat on? BURR! Horror story,....Growing up my dad would have our heat turn off at 1am in the morning till 5 am. (He claims it saved us money HA! I beg to differ!) I would wake up and I could see my breath in the air! I'd have to get a hat and another sweat shirt to sleep in bec I was SO COLD!

  3. The house looks great and I'm sure will look even better with some updates! Seeing pictures of Wrigley make me want another golden so badly! Cameron and I both grew up with them. :)

  4. Love it! Looks like Wrigley already feels at home. Jon looks pretty comfortable too.

  5. yay lake house. i cant WAIT to see the "after" pics!! such a fun project for sure. and w already looooooves it there!!

    ps- you ruined every chance of me ever moving to MI, or visiting you in jan after posting the temperature!

  6. Wow, how fun!!! The house is gorgeous -- I love the cabinets! I can't wait to see what you girls come up with on it!

  7. How exciting! I would loooove a summer lake house. I'd love it even more if my parents would buy one close to me. I'm from California too, but, now live in Texas, so, I see my folks like once a year. Sads.

    And the matching hats are precious! Love!

  8. That is awesome to have a lake house so nearby! That will be a fun summer with all those projects for sure!

  9. Oh my gosh that house is AMAZING!! Wow. Can't wait to see what you do with the place!

  10. How fun! That will be awesome in the summer. Enjoy it. :)

  11. The lake house is GORGEOUS! So exciting! I bet warm weather cannot come soon enough for you guys!

    Wrigley is so stinkin cute btw! In love!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  12. I love the lake house. It'll be so nice to have your mom closer in summer months at the lake house. Wrigley is adorable with the snow. I do not miss that weather.

  13. -6? OMG! It was 8 degrees this morning where I live, crazyyy cold!

    Love the house! and LOVE LOVE LOVE your dog! What a cutie!!!

    I'm a new follower too, love your blog ;)

    Michelle @ a little bit of this and that

  14. Absolutely love the cottage!!!! And I know it will be so cute when you two are done with it. Extremely happy for your mom and for you guys. I also love the matching hats :)Yay for a visit from mom.

  15. How fun to have a lake house!! Can't wait to see it all put together :)


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