Okay, I get it now!

January 18, 2011

For a while now I've heard people talk about how much they love the show Dexter on Showtime. And I just didn't get it. So out of curiosity this weekend I picked up season one and let me tell you....I'm obsessed! The guy is a serial killer....yet I like him. It's so strange but SO good!

I have four episodes left until I finish the season and I can't wait! 

So tell me, what other awesome shows am I missing out on????

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17 Responses to “Okay, I get it now!”

  1. Oh yeah, I absolutely love this show!!

  2. Now my man and I started to watch the first season on Netflix but I just could't get into it! :(

  3. I've never watched Dexter but I've always heard I need to, so I think you just convinced me to start :) My current favorite is How I Met Your Mother...I've always heard about they hype around it, and finally started watching...and let me tell you--it's HILARIOUS. Favorite show at the moment!

  4. ahhh dexter = love! I never got it until last year, then I netflixed alllll of it! love love love!

    I'm super obsessed with Community, How I Met Your Mother, and Californication... omgggg californication. it rocks.

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  5. I hear everyone talk about how amazing Dexter is! I'll have to get the season and watch it like you did to see what it's all about!

  6. Dexter is addicting! It always keeps me guessing and I just get sucked in. I'm watching the third season of "Ugly Betty" right now. If you haven't watched it, it's a good one!

  7. I love Dexter! My favorite season was season 4 - so good!

    I also love Sons of Anarchy on FX. Never thought I'd be so into a show about a motorcycle gang...but I am. It's so good.

  8. Love Dexter! I was late to the party because we don't have Showtime, but, we caught it on vacation and now loooove it.

    And ditto Melissa, Sons of Anarchy is SO.SO.GOOD. It's my favorite show on TV and I thought I would hate because it's about a motorcycle gang, but, it's really about their family, their struggles and their life. The acting is killer and you really end up rooting for them. LOVE IT.

    Sons of Anarchy soapbox rant over now....

  9. Love Dexter, Weeds is good, Californication is a must although it is a little dirty at points and I loved the Tudors. Honestly, most of the time, Showtime series hit it out of the park for me.

  10. omg. i just started watching recently. my husband and i are now on season 3. after season 1 i was dreaming about dead body parts. (we were watching it non-stop). we are seriously now OBSESSED. which reminds me...we are supposed to get season 3 disk 3 in the mail via netflix today! yayy! haha.

    oh, im your newest follower :)

  11. I love Dexter!! Such a good show. I also love Mad Men...

  12. I haven't seen dexter! I have so many other shows on my nightly line up. Some of my favorites are How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Cougar Town, Modern Family, The Middle, One tree Hill, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice ok I'll stop now.

  13. I'm so glad that you are now addicted to Dexter!!! It only gets better and better! :)


    Me and Netflix had a date with Dex every night after work for 2 seasons and then.....poof Netflix decides that the rest of the seasons are DVD only( not instant streaming) and my heart was broken!

    I need to catch back up!

    If you like Dexter you'll like Lost. It's slow starting out but then it gets so good. Trust me I was one of the ppl who was "why are ppl so obcessed with Lost" and then I watch and found out why.

    FYI getting through the 1st seasons a lil hard but stick with it!

    oh and Jersey Shore! Cabs are here!

  15. I adore Dexter! It is so wickedly good...I think I finished all of the seasons in like...two weeks? ha ha!

  16. WE LOVE DEXTER!!!! I got Marsh the first two seasons for Christmas because we had heard such great things about it. Now we're almost done with the third season, and can't wait to get the fourth!

  17. I recommend Mad Men too! It's smart and just plain beautiful...


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