House Decorating Goals for 2011

January 4, 2011

I've been thinking about goals (I mean, who hasn't?) for 2011. More specifically I feel like there are a lot of things I would like to do to our house to make it more "us"....or maybe since the husband doesn't care about decorating, more "me".

I'm hoping that if I write it down here I'll actually do all of these things.

1. Paint our front door red. I've wanted to do this since we moved in almost 2 years ago. Time to get going!

2. Get a new cute mailbox. I don't like the one that came with our house. I want one with a post and address like the one above.

3. Find some white chairs to go with our dining room table and the two chairs we currently have. I love the miss-matched look, but don't like our black chairs.

4. Replace the light fixture and hardware in the downstairs bathroom. It's ugly. End of story.

5. Paint our upstairs hallway and two extra bedrooms.

6. Re-do the upstairs guest bathroom. More specifically, paint the cabinets white, remove the ugly mirror and replace it with a cuter one, replace the light fixture, and paint the walls.

7. Add some built in shelving in the dining room. I'm obsessed with what they did over at The Old Painted Cottage. Love love love.

8. Buy wood blinds (or faux wood blinds) for our house! Our house was a foreclosure, so the previous owners took all of the window treatments with them. We've been getting by with shades and curtains, but enough is enough!

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7 Responses to “House Decorating Goals for 2011”

  1. Those are some great goals! Can't wait to see what you do!!!

  2. These are great's going to be a busy year!

  3. love the house goals. . . is it bad my only goal is to actually GET a new house? then the fun can begin.. . oh and my other resolution is to floss more (because who doesnt need to floss more?). cant wait for all the new stuff in your house!

  4. I love that your goals for 2011 are house goals! That's such a great idea! Good luck getting all of them done! :)

  5. What fun goals for your year--and for your house! I think the mailbox should be up high on your list...snail mail needs a good home ;) thanks for your sweet comment yesterday! xoxo {av}

  6. Those sound like great ideas!! Seriously... paint the door! I took forever doing it... thinking in my head what a pain it was going to be. It was SO easy!!! And transforms the entire house! Can't wait to see it! I think that mailbox is adorable too! :)

  7. I can't wait to see what it all looks like! I need to buckle down and finally finish my gallery wall, it is so hard to pick photos to frame!


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